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  1. TheCreeper

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    I am interested in an AS degree and getting one via an accelerated/competency based education (CBE) program would be preferrable.

    So I came across Broward College. They have AS degrees that can be acquired via the Accelerated/Competency model.

    I have been doing a lot of research these past few weeks and it seems that most, if not all, CBE tuition models use a flat-rate price per term. However, on Broward's tuition page, they do not list any specific tuition for their CBE programs, they only list their per credit tuition rates with no mention of the CBE/Accelerated programs.

    I filled out their "more info" form a little over a week ago and haven't received anything and I'm a bit antsy to get answers.

    Does anyone know if they just charge per-credit for their CBE programs (which would be odd) or if they charge a flat rate per term? If it's flat rate per term, do you know what that flat rate is and how long their "terms" are?

    Thanks for any info.
  2. TheCreeper

    TheCreeper New Member

    Well, I called and I got an answer (I think).

    The answer is that they charge per credit for the CBE programs just alike any other program, not flat-rate per-term like most (if not all) other CBE programs at other colleges/univs.

    To get that answer, I was shuffled between various different departments and spoke to various clueless-sounding people and all of them had thick accents I could hardly understand (that's coming from someone who has dealt with people with varying accents all their life). First Admissions, then Registration, then Testing (that's right, testing:ponder:) then Fin. Aid, then Cashier, then finally Advising (where I got my answer).

    I'm not impressed with having to pay per-credit for a CBE program ($243.40/credit) and I'm even less impressed with the people I spoke to and the dance I had to do to get a simple tuition question answered. I guess I'll be crossing this college off my list :dead1:

    However, given that the adviser sounded rather clueless I may try calling another day to see if I get a different person with a different answer...if I feel so inclined. Not sure. I have their direct # so it should be theory LOL
  3. msganti

    msganti Active Member

    CBE does not necessarily mean flat rate tuition. I could not see any mention of flat rates on their website either.

    However, this line looks interesting, and you may want to contact them for more information:
  4. TheCreeper

    TheCreeper New Member

    Thanks. I replied earlier today and my reply never got posted. Screen just went to a blank page.:dunno:

    I asked them about the $21 fee and everyone I spoke to was clueless about it. I talked to many people in many different departments. The answer was either "I have no idea" or "I'll have to transfer you to X Dept.".

    My experience with Broward College today left me with a bad taste in my mouth, quite honestly. They either sounded like they were on drugs, drunk or working in a small call center on some remote, unknown island. The only half-intelligible person I spoke to was the one in Advising but she was still clueless...but at least nice.
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  6. AsianStew

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    Re-positing this from your other post - There are 5 programs I would recommend. Competency based & Big 3.
    Hodges is the one I would recommend as it's cheap/easy/fast and in Florida (better than Broward College).
    TESU or the other Big 3 would be next as all the 30 credits general education is practically the same.
    The remaining 30 credits Area of Study/Concentration can be pretty similar except the capstone/cornerstone.

    1) Hodges University UPower - Associates, Comp Info Systems
    2) Rasmussen College Flex - Associates, 4 IT options (more $)
    3) Charter Oak - Associates of Science, just take all your CompSci/IT courses as the concentration
    4) Excelsior College - Associates of Science, Comp Sci/IT - 4 options as well
    5) TESU AS IT or ASAST CIT - Associates or Applied Associates IT.

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