Tuition Assistance for Doctorates?

Discussion in 'Military-related education topics' started by Steve King, Jan 2, 2012.

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    I've read a few places, including on the Veteran's Administration website, that the Federal Tuition Assistance program cannot be used for degrees "above the master's." However, it seems that people on this board have used the military TA program for a PhD. Did I misunderstand them; has anyone used their TA education benefits for their doctorate?

    My friend is in the Army National Guard. He doesn't want to use his Post-9/11 G.I. Bill benefits until he gets out when he might transfer the benefits to his son. I assumed that he could use his Federal TA benefits now without impacting his GI Bill, which is what I did when I was in the Guard. Anyone have experience in this area?

    Thank you!
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    It is likely branch specific. I know that I initially though that Navy TA did not cover anything above a masters but found out just recentlythey do. TA can not be used for clinical doctorates such as MD and the like but general PHDs or a DBA/DPA the navy TA system will cover to the 250 per credit hour cap

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    Hi Steve,

    I see that you live in Alexandria, Virginia; I live in Woodbridge. Well, I have never heard anything about Federal rules on tuition assistance on Doctorate program. When I was in the Marine Corps active in 2006; I was told by the Joint Education Center staffs that the Marine Corps tuition assistance program did not pay for the Doctorate level. When I attended Capella University's colloquium, I met an Army Major who was in the same program with me. He said that his Doctorate tuition was being paid by the Army. So, I am not sure what is the current rule; however, the GI Bill does pay for the Doctorate degree because I have used it at Capella University.
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    At first I thought you had your Steves confused, since I too live in Alexandria, Virginia. But now I see Steve King does also.

    We really do have to have a D.C. area DegreeInfo meetup one of these days!
  5. To my knowledge, as a general rule they don't. I asked several times (to the point that they got tired of me) if this was possible. Everyone I asked told me to "ask for a waiver". The only waiver that I found that was anywhere near relevant to what I needed was a for a second Masters degree. I think the rule is worded along the lines of "Tuition Assistance will not cover above a Master's degree".

    I do know of two officers that had part of their Ph.D paid for by using TA. They enrolled into a Ph.D program and completed a Master's en-route. TA covered the portion up to the Master's. I don't know if this was the right way to do it. Maybe your friend can ask the education center.
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    It has to be branch specific because i know that the Navy TA system will pay for doctorate level education.
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    I also live in Alexandria, VA! ......
    You could set the whole thing up in

    You might even have enough DC Metro area Marines and Marine associates to have a DC DegreeInfo Marines meetup.(I work at HQMC)
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    Thank you peacefulchaos2001 and others for sharing your experiences and insights. From my continued Web surfing on this, it looks like the Army is pretty particular about not allowing soldiers to use the military TA money for degrees beyond the masters. (G.I. Bill money isn't a problem, though.)

    As for a DC Metro area DegreeInfo Meetup, it looks like there's no shortage of people in or near Alexandria, VA. Count me in for a get-together!

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