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    As a current student, I receive these emails every so often. Most have nothing of real importance to note but this one seemed to hint at a few interesting things (New programss and a new name) so I thought I would share an excerpt from the original message.

    New Website. Launching this week, with greater functionality, easier to find information, simplified ways to connect with networks, and share pages with friends. New features will be added throughout 2011.

    New University Name. As announced at graduation, we will also introduce a new name for the university in early 2011. This new name is symbolic of the great strides taken by TUI in recent years, and of the improvements we will launch to build the university's reputation.

    New Degree Programs which we plan to begin launching this summer pending WASC approval. We will continue to expand offerings over the next 3-5 years.

    New Faculty and Board Members to build our academic excellence, student centeredness, and increase our external focus. Recent additions to the board include a new Chair of the Academic Advisory Committee and a New Military Advisory Committee.

    New and Enhanced Emphasis on Student Experience with many new initiatives aimed directly at providing students with outstanding support, service, experience and engagement.

    New Associations including an expanding TUI Alumni Association, TUI social media and greater networking opportunities

    New Motto: Aspire - Believe - Achieve!

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Of course, "Programss" that's new! j/k, lol

    What is the new name? Southern Pacific University or SOCAL University? I am really curious about the name. :) I avoided TUI University for Ph.D because its name...but I really like the learning method at the institution.:reporter:
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    I received the email too. Hopefully, the new name will be good and one that TUI grads are happy to identify with. Regarding their new programs, it would be nice if they add a PhD in Information Technology Management. However, something tells me they plan on adding security/law enforcement BS and MS programs such as criminal justice, emergency management, national security etc. Hopefully, they're realizing that offering only business administration with whatever specialization becomes sloppy at some point. Their December magazine talks about the name change and other changes coming.
  4. Rohan

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    Do you know if they are coming up with MS in computer science. I like TUI but don't have a program I am looking for ?
  5. John Bear

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    "...we will also introduce a new name for the university in early 2011. This new name is symbolic of the great strides taken by TUI in recent years, and of the improvements we will launch to build the university's reputation...."

    [ ] Great Strides University
    [ ] University of Improved Reputation
    [ ] Merging with other things owned by the same people, Summit Partners, who already use some nifty names:
    * Summit University
    * Jamster University
    * Tiny Prints University
    * Snap Fitness University
    * Aurora University
    * Nighthawk University
    * Right Now University
    * Safe Boot University
    * Alpha Smart University
    [ ] New University (after CEO Jim New)
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  7. Cyber

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    MS in Computer science may be part of the new program but I doubt it. Their present BS in Computer Science is pretty weak so I doubt they'll create another weak program. For some reason, TUI does not want to take their time to offer technical courses/programs that are challenging to teach online. All what they seem to offer are discussion-oriented programs where no hands-on practical labs or assignments are required; hence, the business and management-oriented programs that require writing papers, and discussions, which are easy to teach but ill-prepare students or graduates of such program for the "real world."

    In general, programs which are suppose to be technical are nothing more than theory overviews, and I suspect this is part of why they refuse to offer PhD in IT Management. Offering IT management as a specialization in their Business administration PhD program makes the program nothing more than a discussion-based class without any serious attempt at teaching any technical aspect of information systems such as network security, secure software programming, intrusion detection, etc. (courses which are in demand considering the high need for academically-prepared Information Security professionals by the Federal Government).

    I guess when they have professors with non-IT degrees such as organizational behavior teaching IT courses (courses that are suppose to be technical), one can't expect much more than the basic overview of the course; information that is freely available on the internet and one that a professor with non IT degree or background is able to teach without headaches.
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  8. GeneralSnus

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    In the magazine, the President said, "The acronym, TUI, will once again stand for something." I hope they don't choose something cheesy like "The University of Innovation".
  9. okydd

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    What about some honesty in the name? Cash Cow U.
  10. Randell1234

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    Perhaps, maybe you should submit it!
  11. TEKMAN

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  12. 03310151

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    South Haven Institute of Technology.
  13. TEKMAN

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Employer: Where did you go to school?
    Degree Holder: SHIT.

    Yeah, that is really a smart marketing name. lol
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    Why is everyone so hard on TUI?

    Disclaimer: I don't attend there, likely never will. Am not employed by them, do not have friends/relatives working there and do not hold stock in their parent company. . . etc.

    I seem to recall mostly positive reports about TUI here from students having attended since their big split from the B&M campus a few years back-- plus or minus various strengths/weaknesses mentioned. Has that changed? Given the tone of the banter over their name change, I'm getting the impression they're now held in disregard here. Can somebody clue me in?
  15. GeneralSnus

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    For me TUI's biggest problem is their name. It's the one thing that permanently knocked the school out of consideration for me.
  16. StefanM

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    Exactly. Going from Touro University International (TUI) to TUI University was probably one of the stupidest naming decisions made in for-profit higher ed.

    I understand they needed to change the name, but they really needed to break from TUI if they had to drop "Touro."

    I'm a big fan of regional/town names. Something like Cypress University (for the town) might work. Anything but TUI University.
  17. Petedude

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    Now I get it. . .

    Yeah, that'd work. The name and the website put me off too, even though they have reasonably priced tuition and a seemingly decent reputation. Maybe they can turn things around in 2011 with their new initiatives. We can only hope.
  18. Cyber

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    Touro International University would have been better, but it seems they were too focused on a name that doubles as an acronym. They need to focus on a good name, rather than trying to build an image based on a three letter acronym. If the new name is good, which I doubt that it will considering they fact that TUI will still remain the acronym of the new name, some of us with degrees from TUI may opt to re-order new degrees under the new name. We'll see...
  19. Cyber

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    Cypress University does not sound bad. However, since they are also planning to move from their present location (which is an office building shared with other business) to one that is exclusively occupied by TUI only, there's no guarantee that the new location will be in Cypress, California. Again, instead of naming the school based on their location or some acronym, they need to focus on a good name, regardless of other significance or attachment. Cypress University actually sounds good. Maybe those looking to start their on DL mills can snatch the name before its gone.

    By the way, have you visited TUI's website lately? Their present website is new...
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  20. StefanM

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    I agree. The priority should be to have a good name, regardless of origin.

    The use of locations, acronyms, etc. should all be secondary.

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