TUI For Sale!

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  1. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    TUI is being sold!!! The sky is falling!!! :eek:

    Folks, relax!!! Everything will be fine!!! No one has presented any evidence that anything is wrong. It was merely pointed out that TUI is being sold. Nothing more and nothing less.
  2. Chitwnron

    Chitwnron New Member

    Re: TUI Accreditation Visit

    Stop Worring about the routine WASC visit. The WASC is also visiting the schools listed below and if yu look at the WASC website you will see many of the University of California system schools are also being visited including UCLA. So I don't think there is any reason to panic at this point.

    October 18-20
    Southern California Institute of Architecture

    October 25-27
    University of California, Merced

    October 10-12
    Vanguard University of Southern California

    October 25-27
    Western State University College of Law

    February 28-March 2
    Chapman University

    March 14-16
    Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science

    March 14-16
    California State University, Channel Islands

    March 7-9
    California State University, Chico

    March 6-9
    California State University, East Bay

    March 12-14
    California State University, Sacramento

    March 7-9
    California State University, San Marcos

    San Jose State University

    January 31-February 2
    University of Guam

    March 28-30
    University of Hawaii at Manoa

    March 7-9
    William Carey International University

    February 6-9
    Westmont College
  3. Tim D

    Tim D Member

    Re: TUI Accreditation Visit

    The fact that Touro College does not want to house the TUI transcripts speaks volumes about the whole "branch campus", Bull. It is not unusual for branch a campus to have their transcripts all housed in the main college or university. Also if the branch campus were sold it only makes sense to have the transcripts return to the mother school. It says to me that TUI was never really considered a branch campus to begin with, not even in Bernard Lander's eyes.
  4. Robert_555

    Robert_555 New Member

    Sorry folks, I was wrong about the losing the degree thing. I honestly apologize. However, something is in the midst with TUI and WASC. TUI was not supposed to get a site visit until 2008. Why so early? A buyer in the works? Who knows. However, my big this is I really am hoping TUI isnt bought out by some unreputable company which I think many alumni and students wouldnt want to be associated with. As with TUI not being considered a branch campus, too bad it says that TUI is a branch campus of Touro College, NY on the transcripts. I mean, I have two diplomas from this institution and I earned them both after the Middle States transferred accreditation of TUI to WASC. Even after WASC Accreditation, it still states TUI is a branch campus of Touro College NY. Anyhow, I honestly feel TUI was set up to be a cash cow for Touro College. Lander and his crew had their minds made up once TUI became somewhat profitable, it was gonna be sold. And with transferring records to the mother campus, dont bet on it. The records are going with the new owner(s) whom ever that may be! Touro College doesnt want to spend the cash maintaining the records. Lander and his boys want to unload TUI quickly as possible and laugh all the way to the bank! Hopefully, I am wrong and things will work out for the best!
  5. Susanna

    Susanna New Member


    Would there be any legal recourse for students?

    I am totally bewildered by this development,

  6. Robert_555

    Robert_555 New Member

    Would there be any legal recourse for students?

    What legal recourse might that be? If TUI did do something wrong, WASC would have picked upon it. Better yet, if there was anything seriously wrong the contracts that TUI has with the department of defense to accept military funding for its students would have been halted. TUI is being put up for sale. Nothing illegal against that. Big thing is who is gonna buy the university and when (if at all). With the WASC visit, it can be a million and one reasons. Not much students, alumni, or the public can do but just wait until the dust settles. Like I said before, hopefully a reputable institution will purchase TUI and it will retain the WASC accreditation. Even if accreditation is not maintained, anyone who graduated still has a legitimate and accredited degree.
  7. Susanna

    Susanna New Member

    Class Action

    What you say is true but why couldn't students pursue this on the legal end. I mean students entered into an agreement with a not-for-profit institution so selling it to a profit institution would violate a lot of issues, would it not?

    Perhaps it might be a good idea to toss this around with legal counsel.

  8. Robert_555

    Robert_555 New Member

    students entered into an agreement with a not-for-profit institution so selling it to a profit institution would violate a lot of issues, would it not?

    Non profits colleges are bought up by for profit universities all the time. If this were an issue, there would be no mergers of the private for profits purchasing the nonprofit outfits. Much as anyone may not like it, it is legal. Besides TUI's lawyers know all this and would prevent a lawsuit somewhere somehow!
  9. Susanna

    Susanna New Member

    Not so fast...

    I am not so convinced of that, but I do appreciate your input. I am going to consult with a legal representative. If they sell to an unreputable company, I will defintely pursue this further. I'll make it my mission in life to not let this go because it is simply wrong. Students signed up to get a degree from Touro not from whomever they decide to sell it to.

  10. Robert_555

    Robert_555 New Member

    If you choose to seek legal counsel, be advised you have to settle your legal matters within the Orange County, California Courts. TUI has the following on their website:

    Choice of Law Statement
    The student's matriculation at, and relationship with TUI shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of California. Students irrevocably agree that for all disputes, legal actions or proceedings not otherwise addressed by the TUI Standards and Regulations, California courts, in the county of Orange, shall have jurisdiction and serve as the exclusive venue.

    Here is the site address of this statement:

    TUI's mother school, Touro College has a law school, they have plenty of ammunition to fight a legal battle. Also, any new owner would probably have just as equal of a arsenal of lawyers. If you seek legal means, I wish you the best of luck!
  11. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    Goodness, people! The sky is not falling! If you look at the WASC website, you will see that on the last line of each institution's entry, there are three dates: date of initial accreditation/date of most recent re-accreditation/date of next re-accreditation review. Touro's reads 2005//2006, which means that Touro was initially accredited by WASC in 2005 and has a re-accreditation review in 2006. So, it was already planned anyway! If your university gets sold, you put on your resume:

    "PhD, Business Administration/Marketing, Touro University International, 2006 (now part of XYZ University)."

    If your university goes away into total non-existence - *** POOF!!! *** - as in, everyone out of a job, all underlying assets sold, all cash from the sale handed over to creditors, etc., then you would indicate on your resume

    "PhD, Business Administration/Marketing, Touro University International, 2006 (school defunct; records held by WASC)."

    Either way, there will be someone there to verify that you did indeed earn your degree there.
  12. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Does anyone know whether TUI was originally set up as a for-profit corporation owned by the non-profit Touro College? If so, they'd be free to sell it to whomever they wish. Either way, I think all this talk about suing them is a bit hot-headed.

  13. Susanna

    Susanna New Member

    Yes, I was aware of that. As for the legal arsenal, I worked in the corporate legal environment for many years, I know how lethal lawyers can be.

    All I am saying is that I will "not go gently into that good night" should Touro try to sell me to 'fly-by university'. :mad:

    Again, I do appreciate everyone's input on this troubling development.

  14. Scott Henley

    Scott Henley New Member

    If you graduated from TUI 5 years ago when TUI was RA, and TUI loses their accreditation today... I would supect that most people would consider that you graduated from an unaccredited school, regardless of when you graduated.

    I have been a critic of "online schools" from day one. DL from a reputable B&M university if a good thing. But DL from "flash in the pan" "online" "virtual" schools is sub-standard. Always has been, always will be.
  15. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    If you graduate from an accredited school that later loses its accreditation, you still have an accredited degree. Now, given the fact that not everyone will be sufficiently informed about accreditation issues to know about this, here is how you indicate the situation on your resume:

    "PhD, Business Administration/Marketing, Touro University International, 2006 (accredited by WASC as of the time of graduation)"

    Moreover, should a school lose its accreditation, there is normally a phaseout period. For example, the last admissions of new students would be 2006, everybody would have maybe five years to finish, the accreditation would be extended until 2011 so that the final graduates could have an accredited degree, and the accrediting agency would house the school records thereafter.
  16. Susanna

    Susanna New Member

    The kiss of death in my opinion :rolleyes:

  17. BinkWile

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: TUI For Sale!

    God help TUI and it's students if Corinthian Colleges aquires the school. :eek:
  18. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    I couldn't agree more! Just don't mention it. Considering how many people get high level positions with KW "degrees", who will know whether a particular school lost its accreditation anyway?

  19. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    Statement: TUI obtained accreditation on it's own through the western accreditors, independent of the eastern accreditors and independent of Touro College. The western accreditors accredit TUI while the eastern accreditors accredit the college.

    Question: Why would the western accreditors take away the accreditation of TUI simply because they broke away from the college via a sale?
  20. LBTRS

    LBTRS Member

    There is no indication that TUI is in any jepordy of losing accreditation.

    All this groundless speculation is only hurting TUI, possibly causing students to choose other schools resulting in a decline in enrolment which may eventually lead to the very problem everyone is complaining about.

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