TUI For Sale!

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    Re: Re: TUI For Sale!

    Could you provide an example of a regionally accredited online institution abruptly shut down or lose accreditation? I know of mergers, but none just shutting down, whoch is different.

    I don't think that this is much of a big deal. Numerous changes constantly happen with regular B&M schools, even recently. Troy State University is now Troy University, Park College is now Park University, Lifelong Learning College is now Granite State College, Capella used to be called the Graduate School of America. You can use either name, and an employer should undertand that the school underwent a name change.

    If you look at the NCACS website, you can see that there are a lot of schools with name changes:
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    The "POOF" phenomenon is not limited to online higher education institutions. The high school from which I graduated will be closed by 2010; this year we had our last all-years reunion. Also a couple of elementary schools (had increased to handle influx of baby boomers) in my area will be closing due to the dwindling numbers of students. These developments put an increasing importance on accurate and organized records digitization, archiving and retrieval processes. As we move to paperless offices and brickless schools, change is the only constant. ;-)
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    Their website is back up-
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    According to the article, Touro attempted to sell TUI about 18 months ago but didn't the right buyer (right price). I guess I should take comfort in that, huh? :confused: Hopefully, the company that owns UoP hasn't gotten rich enough to buy TUI. :D

    This couldn't happen at a worse time for me. I have a TUI MBA and I'm retiring from the military. I don't need any credentials that I have to "explain" when looking for new employment.

    My goal was to have all credentials speak for themselves but oh, well. :rolleyes:

    We'll see, I guess.
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    Re: Re: TUI For Sale!

    Why would Argosy University, University of Phoenix, or Walden University want to buy Touro University International?
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    Re: Re: Re: TUI For Sale!

    More is better. Apollo group owns both Phoenix and Axia, and Corinthian Colleges owns many schools. Think of this as similar to McDonalds owning Chipotle.

  7. Oh My

    I was a camel's har away from enrolling into TUI. Thank god I am in Amberton University now....
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: TUI For Sale!

    Not necessarily. The big question is: What does TUI own that the acquiring school does not?
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    Wow..... just wow.

    Two thumbs down to Touro College, educational institution greed has never been higher in the history of the world. Just listen to them pigs a squealin'. :(
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    Online schools like TUI can come and go, be bought and sold, change names.... These things are a little harder with B&M schools.
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    Re: Oh My

    What makes Amberton so safe?
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    Re: Re: Oh My

    Because Amberton is not-for-profit and... no, wait... Touro is not-for-profit too. Ok, nevermind. :D
  13. Scott Henley

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    Nobody is safe.
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    Re: Re: Re: Oh My

  15. Robert_555

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    TUI Accreditation Visit

    TUI is getting a visit from WASC come November 29-December 1. This really does not look good for new students or alumni.

    I also called Touro College in NY to see if my student records could be transferred to another Touro entity in either California or New York. I spoke with the secretary of Bernard Lander (Founder of Touro College). She spoke with Bernard Lander and lets say he was very unreceptive to the idea of a records transfer of TUI alumni. I was told to purchase 5-10 copies of my transcripts and forget about how this sale will affect my future employment prospects. I guess I will not have my master's degrees come sale time or loss of accreditation. I am now trying to transfer into a doctoral program so that I will not loose my master's degrees.
  16. 4Q

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    As a TUI grad, I have very mixed feelings about this "sale".

    On one hand, I'm thinking whatever entity acquires TUI will stop at nothing to maintain its accreditation. After all, even UoP is still RA despite its reputation and legal issues. Hopefully TUI's new owner will realize that no RA means no military students. Since, according to the article, 2/3 of TUI's 6,000 students are military, maintaining RA would be a no-brainer. And for the remaining 2,000 students--what would be their incentive to continue at TUI given the existence of UoP and other RA DL schools? I am more concerned about RA than any other issue. While it was great that TUI was connected to a B&M, that's an acceptable loss as long as RA stays in tact. I'll deal with a possible name change and other superficial issues as they come. I'll soon be counting on my RA MBA from TUI to help put food on my table.

    On the other hand, the new owners may be content losing RA if they feel they can attract enough students who aren't concerned with RA to remain viable. What a disaster that would be for a lot of us.
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  17. LBTRS

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    I can understand why those still working on a degree would be in trouble, however, those of us that have finished our degree would still have an RA degree even if TUI loses accreditation or goes out of business.

    Why all the talk about losing our degrees?
  18. 4Q

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    Lots of schools are getting visits. Does that mean they all have issues? I'd like to believe this is just a routine field visit where one of the topics will be the proposed sale. That's what I'd like to believe. :confused:
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    Thanks, Ray....big vote of confidence there, buddy (given that I'm starting the program at TUI in 10 days)! :)

    Seriously folks, breathe. I think I'll see how this thing plays out. Given the majority military market, the associated lobby, and the loss of potential income I don't see them losing accreditation if it would affect or influence the sale.

    Previously awarded degrees maintain the accreditation from what I understand, and nothing is a given yet.

  20. LBTRS

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    Perhaps I worded that wrong...I also think people are jumping to conclusions. I wasn't saying that current student are in trouble, I'm saying that current students would be the ones most affected if the worst happened.

    I agree that everyone should relax and quit making the situation worse than it is.

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