trying to transfer credits from nationally accredited school

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    Re: Re: Re: A Proud SLU Grad :)

    Hi Bill

    I tried to get a copy of the catalog from the web site. I am not 100% sure a catalog actually exists. They ask for a lot of personal info for either sales calls or to verify that your not investigating their school. I didn't receive a reply possibly because I am in Oregon where K-W is illegal, or because I gave some bogus info. so I didn't have to deal with calls from this "near degree mill". As for RJT, I also have a hard time telling if he is a shill or just sadly misinformed. He seems to be looking for alternate school, but is only interested in these substandard schools. I must admit I ALWAYS find posts that seek to ignore reality as being very funny. Anway, I am sorry I haven't been able to obtain a copy of the catalog for you.
  2. DaveHayden

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    So now RJT's "RA audits annualy" turns out to be some poor instructor from a RA school who for money comes in and skims over K-W's course material. This is hardly an audit and certain not from any Regional Accreditor despite RJT's representations. Once again we see K-W is substandard, constantly moving to avoid authorities, and illegal in some states. Definately an institution I would be proud to earn a degree from. :D
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    Re: Responding to points raised

    Your excuse not to send the catalog doesn't make sense to me. If you're concerned that I might somehow get enrolled in K-W and then get them in trouble with the State Fraud Enforcement Unit, I give you my word that I will not attempt to enroll in K-W.

    Approximately how many RA credits was your friend transferring in with? How many credits does it take to get a K-W bachelor degree? master degree?

    Do you have any explanation for why California residents can't enroll in K-W that is different from mine? Why do you think that the State of Oregan has ruled that K-W is illegal?
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: A Proud SLU Grad :)

    I must admit to the same weakness.

    Thanks for trying to get the catalog.
  5. Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: A Proud SLU Grad :)

    I've requested one. As far as I know, they're not enjoined from conducting business in New Jersey. I'll let y'all know.
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    Hi Everyone:

    I find this discussion about catalogs somewhat humorous. Time was that degree mills could be known by how fabulous their catalogs looked - 4 color, glossy etc. The idea being if you don't have to actually teach your students anything, you could spend a lot of mony on collateral material. Now, based on this thread, we find it suspect if a school does not send out a catalog. I can think of lots of fun reasons for why a school would not send out a catalog - e.g. a more discerning audience will see through the 4 color high gloss and since we have little else to offer, we should save even more money by not printing any catalog at all and hope that our website will in fact be sufficient to bring them in. After all, look at Touro - they are a good, regionally accredited school and their website is horrible (or so say some on this board). But I digress....

    Catalogs: we have catalogs at ISIM. We do not get very many requests for catalogs. Given that we are online only, it is not surprising that our students and prospective students prefer to get their information from our website. We don't actually print catalogs in bulk anymore - we print from the website, as needed. Cardean, our sister university, does not have a formal catalog at all. So, I wonder if we won't be the subject of such a discussion should one of you try to get a catalog from us? If you do, I'll do my best to get one to you - but rest assured it will not be as pretty as the degree mill catalogs mentioned above...

    Just in case anyone is wondering, this is all said with my tongue planted firm in my cheek. *;-)* No response is necessary - just thought it was funny to spend time discussing the fact that KW will not send out a catalog.

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    Re: catalogs

    Hi Mary

    I've found that most universities, even small ones, have an online catalog. I presume when I request a catalog that they will email it. K-W apparently wants only a select few to actually view their online catalog. It must be that other universities get rather envious when seeing K-W's high academic standards. :) :) :)
  8. Mary A

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    I knew there was a reason. I just couldn't figure it out *g*

  9. Re: catalogs

    Originally posted by Mary A
    Now, based on this thread, we find it suspect if a school does not send out a catalog.

    I think we find many things about K-W to be, as you put it, "suspect." Nobody here suggested that they create a catalog where one doesn't exist, merely asked that they send the catalog that they proudly herald on their home page. That they won't send one to California or to Oregon isn't suspicious.. it's amusing, although understandable from their perspective. :rolleyes:

    So, I wonder if we won't be the subject of such a discussion should one of you try to get a catalog from us?

    I don't think so. ISIM has accredidation from a legitimate, recognized accreditor. Do *you* consider yourself to be in the same tier as K-W?

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    Dennis - I was KIDDING - too many hours in front of the computer today. I am a virtual dinosaur around the DL parts - I even recall when, way back when, *real* schools advertised in USA Today.

    I guess I should have posted this in the not really related to DL, jokes, banter section.

  11. And I should've read the tounge-in-cheek disclaimer at the end. But for what it's worth, I don't think ANY discussion about K-W is REALLY related to Distance Learning. :D
  12. Mary A

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    "I don't think ANY discussion about K-W is REALLY related to Distance Learning."

    Something on which we both can agree!!

    have a good one,
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    advice and legwork

    Sounds like the thread provides some information, and again suggests lots of leg work for the originator.
    What is the purpose of the degree you seek? Is it primarily for professional gain?
    If the goal is professional, you may want to check with employers in the field to see what they want in cooursework/degrees. Then as you build toward a BS/BA, you will be meeting their needs.
    I can no longer assume that a degree is in itself a conduit to a job. There sometimes is a huge distance between an educational program and what an employer needs in the that field.
    The "credit for life experience" approach may work for you. In this process you confirm that a grouping of life experiences provided the knowledge, skills etc. you would have obtained in a college class. Workshop credits are often used as part of the proof of skill attainment. I would think a non-reginally accredited degree would have courses at least as good as a workshop.
    The 2nd option mentioned is to take clep/dantes/ec tests for college credit. This can speed the whole process along. If you feel strong in a subject, it might be easier to take the equivalent clep test for the credit rather than the portfolio.
    Most colleges also have the an option of "challenging or "testing out" of a class. In this process you challenge the course, the school offers you a comprehensive test, sort like a final, and if you pass you get the credit. Ohio U. does a lot of this. But many colleges will have this as a little known option.
    So do your homework, pick the best option for yourself based on personal interests, whether you do well on tests, or prefer to write extensively.
    A final note. When you talk to a college, sometimes you are talking to someone who really knows the place, and sometimes to someone who doesn't. A few folksy questions to the person about what they like about the college, why they choose to work there and for how LONG may help you understand the quality of the advice.
    All the best!

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