Trump says he wants victories — but he isn’t selling the GOP agenda to voters

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    Sure thing (except I meant "Republicans"). Pity there's less and less certainty this President does not represent (some) Russians...

    You have no idea how right you are. It's not just about Constitution, which, after all, while a work of genius, is quite old as second-oldest republican constitution still in force in the world (after Statuta Decreta ac Ordinamenta Illustris Reipublicae ac Perpetuae Libertatis Terrae Sancti Marini, a compilation of basic law of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino; yes, it's in Latin). It's about the living system and democratic practice, things that can be actually harmed by trying to replace the Constitution with more modern document (places trying to build a system from scratch, however, have no such concerns). You know, the system that can be harmed quite grievously by a maverick President who has no respect for or even awareness of basic norms. People are already saying "look, Trump is just like your average third world cleptocrat; we told you real democracy doesn't exist!". Imagine what it does to reformers in places like Russia or Ukraine.
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    In fairness, no it wasn't. Epistles show remarkable insight, and traces of what appear to be personality struggles in the early Church. Great stuff.
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    The English Magna Carta was also an excellent framework for the framers of the American Constitution. The hand of God was clearly in their penmanship.

    President Donald J. Trump is the best thing that has happened to the Constitution since Abraham Lincoln was shot and killed defending it. Historians will look back on Trump as a saving grace.

    The American Constitution was designed to operate on a free and moral people. It was not designed to be functionally operative on an immoral slothful people. Immorality and sloth will lead to the abeyance of Constitutional privileges.

    For now, the Constitution is preserved, thanks in part to President Donald J. Trump -- and thanks primarily to the Lord Jesus Christ. The United States is His experiment.
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    The English Magna Carta is, of course, a much more direct descendant of the American Constitution then Sammarinese Statuti (that clearly are based on the laws of the Roman Republic). However, it is, technically, in a different category, because England is a kingdom and not a republic. More of a trivia fact, I agree.
    As important as the Carta is, no modern country would base its new Constitution directly on it. For one, it was mainly concerned with protecting rights of lords from the Sovereign. England itself supplemented it with a mountain of subsequent statutes, and actual articles of Magna Carta are superseded by these.

    These are two contradictory paragraphs, my friend.

    This is chilling: Why was Russian money-laundering case settled? House Dems want answers - Business Insider
    So just weeks after firing a district attorney, Trump's DoJ settled a 200M+ case of money laundering of Veselnitskaya's client for 6M, and without admission of guilt. Swell.
    Even more chilling: money laundered (a portion of them, anyway) are traced directly to $230M tax fraud uncovered by Sergei Magnitsky, who was of course tortured and murdered in prison for it. That's who your leader associates with: thieves, torturers, and murderers.

    One thing seems to confuse people. "The Kremlin" is an entity with several aspects. It is, of course, a governing structure of Russia, as well as a secret intelligence apparatus bent on harming Western democracy. But it is also a criminal enterprise, concerned with making money and preserving power. That's why making distinction between "Russian government attorney" and a mob lawyer is meaningless: oligarchs, "chekists" and mobsters all work together. Trump bonds so well with Aras Agalayev because they're the same: major real estate developers with shady connections. Aras' connections just happen to be directly to Putin. Incidentally, this is truly international outfit: Aras's son Emin, pop star who called the fateful meeting, is also the ex-son in law of Imhan Aliev, the President of Azerbaijan (oil-rich Muslim ex-Soviet republic; background: his dad Heydar is also his predecessor, running the country 1993-2003 and also as First Secretary of Az. Communist Party 1969-1987; KGB officer before that). Reportedly he and ex (Leyla Alieva) parted amicably and raise 3 children together.

    Everything that happens is part of the plan of the Almighty. However, basing public policy on what you said would violate the First Amendment.
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