TRUELY self paced RA schools?

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  1. pcguy

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    My friend is looking for a Distance school (RA) with self paced learning...

    I remember seeing schools claim they are self paced, but require you to adhere to the traditionally structured semesters or quarters - thus to me is not really self paced.

    Are there any RA schools out there that let you "test when your ready"?

    Thanks for any info.
  2. The institutions that offer degrees by examination are self-paced to the extent that you don't need to maintain a regular attendance or study schedule. But you do need to coordinate with the examination timetables. I infer that your friend is interested in a program where both study and the scheduling of examinations (if any) are self paced? Research-based graduate degree programs would largely meet this combined requirement.
  3. pcguy

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    Self paced

    Yes, if possible, both study and exam schedules to be self paced. I don't even know if this exists in the RA world, but I thought I'd ask....
  4. Yes, this does exist, with some limitations. I was a course editor in the University of Iowa's Guided Correspondence Study program (now Guided Independent Study). Students work with a study guide and textbooks (sometimes additional materials such as video and audiotapes), mail, fax or email in their assignments, and receive evaluations from the instructors. They can work at their own pace. There are some restrictions -- minimum of two weeks per semester hour, maximum nine months with a possible 3-month extension if some progress has been made. Many instructors also require that students send just one assignment at a time and not send in the next until they have received that evaluation. (I also was the business writing instructor for a while, and usually had suggestions on approaching the next lesson in my evaluation. I told students they could work ahead but they should at least consider the suggestions as they polished the next lesson to send in. Some did, some didn't.)

    Try searching Excelsior College's DistanceLearn database -- now at
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    International UK School

    The University of London External Programme is a good place to look for such flexible DL degree programs.
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    Here is a link ti Ohio University courses.
    I don't know if they offer a complete degree but they offer many classes/courses. You can take the Correspondence Courses or credit by Examination. I took one on Shakespeare: The Comedies Credit by Examination. Everything is self paced. There is only one test, it is all or nothing.
  7. pcguy

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    Thank you for all the responses - I will check it out and keep my eyes open!
  8. What kind of courses or degree program does your friend want?

    If undergrad, there are a lot of general liberal arts bachelor degree programs available through a variety of distance learning methods, including independent study (aka correspondence) which is more likely to be self-paced. Some options:

    Eastern Illinois University, Western Illinois University - Board of Trustees Bachelor of Arts Degree Program
    Indiana State University
    Ohio University - Bachelor of Specialized Studies degree program
    University of Iowa - Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree completion program
    Washington State University - Several bachelor's degree programs
  9. pcguy

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    He's looking for a CIS type undergrad program. I am currently enrolled and taking classes at Strayer, but he says he wants to finish faster.

    Thanks for the tips, I'll pass them on.
  10. Randell1234

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    here is another school. . I completed a class with Indiana University and it was self-paced. I learned a lot and the staff was extremely helpful. I highly recommended IU for distance learning.

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