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    About Us

    Trinity Southern University is the US extension of Recoleta University, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, however, your degree will state "Trinity Southern University Plano, Texas."

    Recoleta University is a private, non-secular, liberal arts college opened in 1896 which mostly caters to wealthy Argentines and English expatriates. The University was founded by the two Catholic priest, Father's Juan Sarmineto and Guido Suipaca to provide religious training for the Franciscan order. In 1943 the University ceased to offer religious studies and began focusing on a Liberal Arts education.

    Trinity University, now Trinity Southern, became associated with Recoleta University in 1997 and is the sole agent for Recoleta University in the United States. Registrars in Argentina review all applications and grant the degrees through Trinity Southern.

    Our Fees

    Our fees are Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) fees based upon the amount of research we must conduct to verify your ability to receive the degree. More research is necessary for a Master or Executive MBA than a Bachelor. In other words, our fees are based upon the work involved in assessing the number of units assessed and NOT the number of units awarded.

    This is What You Get for Your Money!


    Printed on the highest quality parchment paper to the highest standards, it is easily comparable or better than the finest produced by any university in the world. Our diplomas come with presentation folder and high quality paper.

    It is 8.5 x 11 inches



    Fee payments are never accepted unless and until an applicant is approved. Upon approval, we will send you our Notification of Acceptance Letter, via email and a link to a secured site to enter your credit card information for your degree processing.

    Bachelors -$299

    Masters - $349

    Executive MBA Program - $389

    Ph.D. Program - $499

    Transcripts - $99

    Re-Print Fees- $39 (for duplicate copy of diploma)


    All shipping is via UPS second day air (unless international) . All approved transactions are shipped within five to ten working days of confirmation of receipt of payment.

    USA - $30

    CANADA - $30

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    They claim to be in Texas. Bad move. If an American citizen could be tied to this operation, I bet Texas would have a several hundred thousand dollar penalty for them. Those boys just show no humour in unlicensed degrees.
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    Thats the truth, ITT couldn't get their Bachelors program approved in Texas so I had to got to Florida to acquire my BS degree from ITT

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