Tri-Valley big boom!

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    I'm surprised (but not displeased) by the length of the sentence. When James Kirk pleaded guilty in the LaSalle case ($35 million taken from 15,000 people), the judge expressed regret that he could only be sentenced to five years. (He served four.) I wonder if the visa fraud put Tri-Valley into a different category, vis a vis federal sentencing guidelines?

    PS: One the most prolific and dangerous scammers was the operator of Alumni Arts, in Oregon, who sold untold thousands of very skillful counterfeits of major universities, including medical degrees. The FBI could not persuade the Grand Jury to indict him, and he went scot free.

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    It surprises me that she is not getting deportation to China.
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    In my inadvertent double posting (sorry Mods) the article starts out "US woman" so that would explain why no deportation. How can you deport a US Citizen unless they obtained their citizenship fraudulently I guess?

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    What I understand that you could be deported if you commit the crime for all except natural born citizen. When I processed naturalized U.S Marines out of the United States Marine Corps who received "DISHONABLE" discharge. I was obligated to notify the Immigration Naturalization Service (INS). I have seen people were deported for committing the crime after being released from the prison.
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    Citizens may not be removed/deported. Once you have obtained citizenship, whether natural born or naturalized (the only two flavors), you are pretty much ours, for better or worse. However, there is a denaturalization process, used (sparingly) for those who have obtained citizenship unlawfully or who do other select things after the fact. But for criminal offenses such as those in this case, there will be no immigration consequences, just criminal ones (assuming citizenship, of course).

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