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    Hi everyone,

    The school I am going to accepts the College Composition Modular exam while some other schools do not. Since my transcript lists the CLEP as pass with no imdication it was a CLEP exam will I have to retake the course or will they accept it regardless?
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    I misread your question.

    In short, if you transfer, all bets are off. The receiving school ALWAYS sets the rules for graduation. In short, your period of time where your CLEP exam sat on your current school's transcript won't matter. If you transfer to a school that doesn't award credit for that exam, you're out of luck.
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    Not every schools agree to take the credits outside of the traditional school. Before engaging earn college credits from non-traditional school, you to do yourself homework.
    - Choose the schools that you plan to attend
    - Do research to see which schools accept what exams for credits.


    90% of school do publish the CLEP, DANTES, AP exams for credit online; if not, request a copy from the Academic department.

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