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    (1) Where do I earn ACE approved Master's level credit?

    - The cost has to be low and completely online with proctored exams
    - The courses on StraighterLine,, Saylor, and Shmoop etc. are lower level college credits.​

    (2) Which accredited universities/colleges accept maximum transfer credits for online Master degrees?

    - Any accredited US institution will work
    - Any international recognized institution is fine​

    (3) The domain of master degree does not matter. I can handle arts, science as well as computer streams.

    (4) Can skip masters if I can enroll directly in PhD? (Research vs Operations does not matter)

    - Domain of PhD does not matter.
    - Low cost but cannot be a diploma mill with bad reputation​

    (5) Should I get another bachelor’s degree from TESU by completing college credits or go for International evaluation for my current engineering degree?

    Current Background

    (1) I have a 4 years engineering degree in Electrical Engineering from India that I completed about 25 years ago. Strong background in Math, Science and Computers. Working in IT in USA for last 20 years.

    (2) I am currently enrolled in University of People for MBA. (I understand that I will not be able to transfer University of People credits due to Regional/National DEAC Accreditation issue.)
    Have passed their

    - English proficiency
    - BUS 5113 Organizational Theory and Behavior​

    (3) Have passed two SOPHIA courses and transferred them to ACE Registry. These are lower level college credits.

    - Developing Effective Teams
    - Essentials of Managing Conflict​
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