Top DEAC schools for DBA?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by SamSam, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. SamSam

    SamSam New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I'm an international who got both his bachelor and master degrees in engineering from the U.S. a number of years ago. I currently work in my home country. I would like to do an online DBA purely for personal achievement and pastime. While looking online, I found many DEAC-accredited schools, most (if not all) of which are for-profit, that offer online DBA degrees. I wonder what the most reputable/prestigious DEAC schools are that offer quality education. Or if somebody have experience with any DEAC school, I would be grateful if they could share their views. Of course, I'm looking at DEAC schools because they're the cheapest.

    Thank you in advance,
  2. SamSam

    SamSam New Member

    After searching the DEAC database, here are the schools that offer DBA degrees:

    Westcliff University
    Anaheim University
    Apollos University
    California Intercontinental University
    Columbia Southern University
    William Howard Taft University
    University of Management And Technology
    Abraham Lincoln University
  3. Maxwell_Smart

    Maxwell_Smart Active Member

    Columbia Southern.

    It's hard to give you an experience report on DEAC schools as a whole, because like schools of any accreditation fold each school's quality varies. But CSU has had a good reputation for quite a while now.
  4. Steve Levicoff

    Steve Levicoff Well-Known Member

    Good reputation? With whom? I'm calling bullshit on that statement. It's one person's opinion - nothing wrong with that, but extending it in such an abstract manner is horse manure. Wow - horseshit and bullshit at the same time.

    Read CSU's wiki piece - it comes across as a puff piece that was written by CSU itself. But it begins, "Columbia Southern University is a private, for-profit, family-owned institution that specializes in online education..." That one sentence, in my mind, condemns the school's reputation. That is my opinion. But I don't purport that it is, or should be, anyone else's opinion (like Max did in his own puff piece).
  5. Maxwell_Smart

    Maxwell_Smart Active Member

    Yeah, well, your opinion sucks unwashed ASS because it's biased and part of the known fact that you have a unhealthy hatred--which you are in deep denial of--for the DEAC and anything NA in general to the point that it makes you flare up and act a damned fool nearly every time it's mentioned. It's as if a gang of NA school officials lined up and banged your mom in every orifice including the nostrils and ears right in front of you and you're so traumatized by it that you snap at the very mention of an NA school. Well buddy boy, today is your therapy.

    My point stands firmly and factually, unlike your absolute bullshit, unresearched and bitching about a damn wiki entry (and you have a doctorate? Really?), nothing-to-back-it-up opinion, the school does have a good reputation and it's based on more than "one person's opinion": it's based on countless student reviews, 3rd-party reviews, notable successful graduates and connections (that's how reputations are gauged, you dipshit) all of whom are far more decorated and accomplished than you'll ever be, regardless of your bias that as this point has become as comical as it is pathetic.

    With the little bit of life you have left, you could be a much better help to people if you didn't try so hard at being a complete dickhead every time you post something. I cannot for the life of me understand what your deal is and how your life turned out this way where your only ambition is to actively seek to be a villain, and to be honest I really don't give a dead rats ass crack to know what your deal is, but you have some serious issues and it's goddamn tiring. You act like you went to Harvard. Dude, listen, you went to UNION. Get over yourself and GET... REAL. Everyone knows that Union was a complete and total DOGSHIT school that was basically a half-step from being a diploma mill when you went there and they STILL aren't anything great now, and the way you post in this constant attacking style only makes your school look even worse since you are a product of that school. You're an embarrassment.

    And I know you want to do a back and forth (though your enormous pompous ego will drive you to claim you don't and then take a phony high road), but I'm not going to waste my time with it or you as I could easily continue destroying you, because quite frankly I am, always was, and always will be better than you. Hell, put together even your MOMMA would say so.

    Suck that, trucker boy.

    P.S. BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! and all that jazz, jackass.
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  6. Steve Levicoff

    Steve Levicoff Well-Known Member

    While I’m tempted to comment on Max’s eloquent magnum opus, I’m reminded of the fact that it’s wrong to make fun of those with developmental disabilities.

    Therefore, I’ll let Max’s words stand on the old saying, “Res ipsa loquitur.”
  7. SamSam

    SamSam New Member

    Thank you for your reply. They do require a bachelor and master degrees in business or related field for the their DBA, but I applied anyway.

    Out of topic: Is there any other national accrediting body, beside DEAC, that accredits DL schools?
  8. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    Most institutional accreditors accredit schools that offer online programs.
  9. felderga

    felderga Active Member

    I completed my MBA at Columbia Southern and I'm also still considering it doing doctoral work as well. CSU is by no means perfect but probably has staying power as their student base draws heavily from military and government employees. Also CSU owns Waldorf University in Iowa (which is regionally accredited).

    At some maybe 5-10 years from I wonder if DEAC will be viewed in the same light as the other regional accrediting bodies. Online learning is becoming more and more the norm for adult learners and with a gut of major (and mid tier) universities ramping up their own online platforms there may not be a big difference anymore.
  10. chrisjm18

    chrisjm18 Well-Known Member

    FIGHT!! FIGHT!! I'm gonna grab the popcorn because I've completed all my assignments for this week.
  11. JBjunior

    JBjunior Active Member

    I am not sure if this fight is the bottom but hopefully it is close.

    As I looked at doctoral programs the one thing that stuck in my mind was the value of time; when comparing programs, that likely require similar time and effort, the end result could be vastly different depending on what program you pursue/finish. Whether it is NA or RA, online or traditional, for profit or not for profit, domestic or international, etc., each person has to decide the right fit for them and if it will meet their goals when finished. If I am going to put the time in to complete the program I want the best "bang for the buck" that I can get for the time I invest.
  12. SamSam

    SamSam New Member

    I think CSU has one of cheapest (if not THE cheapest) DBA around, with a fee of $375 per credit hour.
  13. SamSam

    SamSam New Member

    If it's not too much of a hassle, could you share what not so perfect with them?
  14. SamSam

    SamSam New Member

    I read that DEAC only accredits "professional" doctorates. What's the difference between a "professional" DBA and the typical applied-research DBA, since the formal also requires a dissertation?
  15. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    The DBA is a professional doctorate, period. Applied research projects are found in professional doctorates. It's supposed to be a professional doctorate in theory, but it's really not in practice. The Ed.D was also supposed to be a more applied degree, but it ended up morphing into something similar to a PhD. You won't find DEAC accrediting a PhD program.
  16. JBjunior

    JBjunior Active Member

    It may very well be and if it meets your needs it is a very nice price point. My father-in-law went there and it worked for his employment needs. It doesn't meet my criteria of what I was looking for so I didn't consider them.
  17. felderga

    felderga Active Member

    To piggyback on the previous post you kinda get what you pay for. CSU is not an academic powerhouse but those looking to check the box or are looking for a not so stressful learning environment. It was annoying in some of my classes that I got more feedback about how my assignment wasn't in proper APA format as oppose to the actual content that I written. With that said $23K for a Doctorate is a pretty good deal especially if it just for personal fulfillment. My only concern is amount of support a student may or may not receive during the dissertation process. That is the one area that is giving me pause and why I'm looking at Liberty U and Capella U as alternatives.
  18. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    In another thread, I talked about how non-traditional schools pay more attention to formatting and meeting word counts than content. I don't think Capella is going to be much different.
  19. Blair

    Blair New Member

    I just went through this process of choosing a DEAC school for my DBA. I applied and got into Apollos University, Columbia Southern University and William Howard Taft University. All were very similar in cost, requirements, etc. I chose Apollos. I felt a more personalized approach to the academic plan, course load minimums and maximums and the emphasis on dissertation support from the very first required class. Just for reference, I am pursuing a DBA for my own personal goals, and because my Adjunct employer has already confirmed that a DEAC DBA will in fact give me a better rate per class and more opportunities for advancement.
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  20. nosborne48

    nosborne48 Well-Known Member

    I smiled slightly at the use of "prestigious" and "DEAC" in the same sentence. Look, I am a believer in distance learning and I don't subscribe to the "RA or Highway" sentiment. In fact, my LL.M. comes from a DEAC accredited school. But anyone seeking a doctorate from a DEAC school should have a very clear idea of what the degree is and what it is not. What it is not, among other things, is "prestigious". You want prestige, go to Harvard.
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