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    And I would call it 3 "easy" Upper Division Units. I got an A. Obviously easy is relative, but if you know and understand everything on the "Spark Chart" for Abnormal Psychology you WILL pass. Further, I was really concerned because I was only getting like 10-15 out of 25 on those practice tests... well 2/3 right IS an A. On the three domains Introduction & Basic Issues, Disorders, Treatment, Prevention, & Legal Issues, I got 78%, 71%, and 75% respectively, and that was an "A" grade according to Excelsior. HTH
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    What books did you used to study with??? Where can I get a Spark Chart.


    My wife plans on taking it next month
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    Or you can get it at any Barnes & Noble or B.Dalton Booksellers. Study the whole chart and make sure you UNDERSTAND the concepts. Whatever you are unsure of and need clarification about Google. That's all you need. REALLY. And the Spark Chart is great because it puts everything in logical sections. It explains medications, pertinent people, ideas, and disorders. And, it does so under each area. Ie: Dissociative Disorders: Psychotic Disorders: Schizephrenia. Coined by Bleuler. Had Prodromal, Acute, Residual Phase. Understand symptoms of different types. Treated with antipsychotics. etc. It's really a great study tool and I took the subject cold. I mean I had taken Intro and developmental psych, but I have never read or studied Abnormal Psychology. HTH
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    Thanks for the tip on the Spark Chart!
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    Hi, I was just searching for scores for comparison and I discovered that I got almost exactly the same as you.

    Intro and Basic Issues = 82%
    Disorders = 71%
    Treatment = 71%

    I am so suprised that was an A

    Intro and Basic Issues = 40 questions total and only 33 correct
    Disorders = 96 questions total and only 68 correct !
    Treatment = 24 questions total and only 17 correct

    sos that's 118 out of 160 or a 74%

    that sounds like a low B or C to me, but I'll take the A :)

    and yes, those Spark Charts are great!

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