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Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by me again, Oct 11, 2018.

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    Try telling that to Jay Z though hah.
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    That's the point. Faux News will attack Jay Z for his lyrics because he's liberal, but will defend Kanye just because he's a Trump supporter. Kanye is just like most other mainstream rappers. It's all about politics.

    Fox News has even attacked Common even though he's one of the more positive, socially-conscious rappers. If I had kids, I'd rather have them listen to Common than Kanye.
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  4. Luciano700

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    Wait, when?
  5. Steve Levicoff

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    I wouldn't know - they all sound the same to me. :D

    Now, I realize that can be taken as a variation on the old racial joke, "They all look the same to me." But when I talk about rappers sounding the same, I'm not just talking about Black rappers. I include Eminem, Lin-Manuel Miranda and, though I can't think of any Asian rappers at the moment, also them. In my book, rap music is as much an oxymoron as, say, online university.

    I have spoken. If anyone disagrees, I don't give a rap. (Ba-da-bum!) Or, as they say at the end of the show, that's a wrap.

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    Good call.

    Kanye is talented, but delusional and ignorant. The world could use a bit less delusion and ignorance IMO.

    Common is talented and intelligent and reasonable. The world could use a bit more intelligence and reasonability IMO.

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