TOESL certification for Europe,east Asia, Southe America?

Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by warguns, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. warguns

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    I was asked by a soon-to-graduate student about TOESL (TES/TESL) certification for jobs on the above continents. I know nothing about this but because I was educated (partly), not partly educated, abroad I guess she thought I might know something.

    Looking around the web, I see everything from $150 online programs to $3000 150 hour programs at Cal State and UC to Master's degrees both B&M and distance. Does anyone actually KNOW what kind of certification is useful? Distance preferred but best certification more important.

  2. AJ_Atlanta

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    Well CELTA is the most common recognized certificate. A program that requires some live interaction and supervised teaching is important, a master is nice but usually requires that you have a couple years actual teaching experience.
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    The CELTA is nice 'cause it only takes 4 weeks and costs only about $3000. It's from the University of CAMBRIDGE (VVN) AND you can earn it in the US. Not distance though.

    CELTA Certificate - Cambridge.jpg CELTA Certificate - Cambridge.jpg

    CELTA USA TESOL Course | TEFL Certification
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    True, but it's the observed class room component that makes it more desirable. A few years actually teaching TESOL, then going for a masters would open up those higher paying jobs down the line (a few years post masters is much more desirable). Another option would be a masters in speech pathology (or a minor) and focus on things like accent reduction could also open up some higher end teaching

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