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  1. cofflehack

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    Hi to all business enthusiasts! My brother is asking me to join him with his plans in putting up a dogs shop. This will also include foods, accessories and others. I can't turn down his request because I'm fond of dogs too and I feel that it will really be interesting and kinda different. Besides that, my brother knows a lot about dogs and conducts training for them. But, I'm afraid on how do we tackle payments? especially online? Is it safe to do that these days? Do you have pointers and suggestions about it?
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  2. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Since neither of you has business expertise, do yourselves a big favor and go to SCORE to set up a conversation with someone who can competently advise you:
  3. Neuhaus

    Neuhaus Well-Known Member

    I really like cheese. I know nothing about the business of cheese. If I opened a cheese shop I would go broke (and fat, because you can't leave me unsupervised in a room full of cheese).

    Steve offers a solid suggestion. But you can also peruse the various courses on the SBA learning center for free. I would encourage you to take a look at a few of these before you do anything. I get that you're excited. But inventory management isn't as cute and cuddly as a puppy.

    If you're going into business you should go in with eyes wide open.
  4. cookderosa

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    SCORE will help- it's free and local.
  5. cofflehack

    cofflehack Member

    Shoot. I only read about this now and we've already gone to a consultant. He gave us a list of possible companies that can provide us with what we need. From the list, we're looking at TSys since we like the reviews we found online and they have just what we're looking for. I'll keep score in mind though. Just in case.
  6. cofflehack

    cofflehack Member

    Thank you for your responses. We have already checked and we found it really informative. We are currently looking for a possible a mentor and once this is confirmed, we shall schedule a session depending on the mentor's availability. We thought that this should be the first step and with it, we should learn the basic in small business management. I guess, we took it so lightly when we planned it out and became to excited and proceeded anyway. Well, it is never too late, but I guess we have to reschedule the possible meeting with a provider (wireless credit card machine) since we need to re-do the planning from step one.

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