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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by warguns, Jan 10, 2021.

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    Tee hee...

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    Copying without citing is pretty bad, but . . . plagiarising your actual conclusion? That's a new one for me.

    Claiming an erosion of trust due to 'renowned' professors not picking up on your plagiarism in their 'evaluations' is a tried and true tactic, however. As is the 'resigning to proritise my loved ones' pretense.


    My German is not nearly good enough to detect the grammatical issues in this - any German speakers want to comment?
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    Not going to read all 134 pages of her German-language doctorate draft, but I find it odd how few of her stated references are journals. Almost all are books, or non-academic websites. At least of third of her listed references are from one book alone.
    It does rather appear like she did a search for 'innovation' at her library, got out all the books from the first results page, and then went to work on 'referencing'. Kind of how most of us 'researched' in 8th grade.

    The abstract of her doctorate is laughable. So many words to say absolutely nothing at all:
    Jill Biden's thesis may have been riddled with typos, but at least then we know it was her own work.
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    I am a native speaker and was like ... WTF? Sounded like a bad online translation.
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    It used to be a real pain to get a copy of a dissertation or a thesis. And I know of at least a few schools where it wasn't really accessible unless you were willing to wait, be very patient and follow up regularly in your quest to hunt it down. University libraries range from well organized small collections to massive operations where things like theses (especially older ones) get relegated to an off-site warehouse from which an item must be specifically requested and then, can only be retrieved maybe one day a week as that is the day that drop offs and pickups are made from that location.

    It used to be very possible to half ass something with the knowledge that it was being filed somewhere no one was going to look at it.

    Nowadays, aside from the fact that it is one of the first things people check and, especially in politics, there might be throngs of volunteers willing to jump through those hoops many of these things are available on the internet for anyone to review at any time if they can do a simple search.

    Fortunately, people can also benefit from the myriad software to protect against typos and even flag uncited sources (though these services are far from perfect). In short, you just need to accept that if you wrote a thesis it's going to be looked at as you rise in prominence.

    C's might get degrees but a sloppy dissertation can be your undoing decades later.
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    I can't imagine intentionally plagiarizing. That would haunt me, carrying around this degree and having to list it on my political bio (lest people ask questions), and knowing it wasn't to the standard of that degree. I'm glad she got found out though (as I would want me to be, if I ever found myself in her shoes.)
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    I believe this is a gesture in Germany also. I've heard it referred to as "edge, edge" as opposed to the US "shame, shame"
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    It's known as "Gönnung" in Northern Germany [translates roughly into "you deserved it!] and in Southern Germany / Austria, it's known as "Rübenschaben" [which translates into "scratching turnips"].
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