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  1. jb97

    jb97 New Member

    Hello to everyone!

    I'm looking forward to starting back to school in the fall. I've been out for about 12 years - went to 2 community colleges straight out of high school and didn't exactly thrive in it at that point in my life, and went straight into IT where I found a good match for my skills.

    I'm trying to figure out now what my best options are, the credits I have previously I'm sure are no good, but my gpa was awful, so I'm thinking for the most part I'm looking at starting from scratch at a local community college for cost and also to build a few semesters of good grades before looking at where I want to go from there.

    The trouble is I don't want to 'waste' time on classes that won't transfer, and I don't want to spend time taking classes that will be a rehash of what I've learned doing IT work for the last 12 or so years.

    I feel that I need the degree to push me to the next phase of my career. I do have those 12 years of experience in IT, I've worked my way up to a technical lead of 8 people doing SA/High Impact project work. My goal though is to move to an IT manager or Director position in a mid size company. To land that kind of position, I think a bare minimum is a Bachelor's degree w/ my experience, if not a Master's.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on an IT track that wouldn't focus so much on the technical side? I'm considering a general business administration track or IT management, but again, a significant chunk of the IT management courses seem like a rehash of what I've already proved I can do...

    Any feedback or suggestions would be hugely helpful. I'm just looking again and WOW there are a lot of options. Cost is a significant factor, as is flexibility as I have a family with 2 great kids and another on the way that I really like to spend at least SOME time with. :)

    All in all, I can't wait to get started!
  2. b4cz28

    b4cz28 New Member

    Sounds like WGU would be a good fit. Also many of the IT certs are worth college credit, what certs do you have?
  3. jb97

    jb97 New Member

    I have looked into WGU, although I was a bit turned off after looking at folks trying to transfer out and into other schools for a graduate program, etc. Based on the way the handle credits, other schools haven't yet caught up. This might not be a bad thing in the end, but as with technology, being on the cutting edge sometimes leads to bleeding. :scared:

    I have an MCP for Win 2k and an A+ for hardware. I haven't upgraded them recently, I've been somewhat disenchanted by the number of paper certified folks I've seen in and out that had no idea what was going on. I've been happy with where I'm at so wasn't too concerned with new certs, but moving forward that may have to change as well...
  4. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    I would consider COSC as an option for an AS degree. You could use your certs for credit plus take standardized tests (CLEP and DSST at about $75 per test for 3 credits) to gain some credits fast and cheap. COSC was about $1,000 and all you do is transfer in all the needed credits. I am sure the price/requirements have changed but you can knock out an AS degree, provided you have all the knowledge, in 2-3 months.
  5. jb97

    jb97 New Member

    Wow that's pretty surprising - 2-3 months is much better than the 3 years or so I figured it would take as a near full time pursuit.

    This may be a naive question, but once you have that AS, is it transferable anywhere, or will the next school pick apart what was done there?

    Also, would an employer question the worth of a degree you managed to get in just a few months, or is it accepted because you could test out of a majority of the classes?
  6. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    You could transfer an AS degree but it just depends on the school you are transferring to. They may take all 60 credits, they may not. It would mostly depend on the pre-req of the BS program. I got my BS from COSC and was accepted to get into graduate programs at Touro University International, California State University - DH, and University of Florida so acceptability is not an issue in the academic world.

    I completed the BS (started with an AA) in about 4 months and have never been questioned. The reality is that you started on it when you took your first class that you will transfer so it could appear to be 12 years in the making!
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  7. jb97

    jb97 New Member

    OK so the more I read the more I get confused... I'm not sure where to start. It looks like per credit hour at COSC the cost is rather high at almost $280 per credit hour, at least compared to the local CC which is $80 per credit hour. Do you think I'd be able to cover the majority of it with certs, life learning (I think this is the portfolio assesment?), etc? I think I only have 12 hours to transfer from my previous college experience.

    Are their counselors generally helpful with this kind of stuff, or do they push the college's own resources even if they might not be in your best interest (financially anyway)?
  8. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    You can take all, or pretty near all, the required courses at any of the big three schools at any RA college or university. You can also include CLEP and DSST exams.
    I earned my Excelsior degree with no credits earned through Excelsior.
  9. sandraeli

    sandraeli New Member

    Depending on what master's program you want, you might consider Excelsior for an AS or AAS and then Ohio University's Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies.

    Excelsior: http://www.excelsior.edu/ecapps/degreeProgram/degreeTable.jsf?gw=1
    Ohio U BTAS: Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies: Online Bachelor Completion at Ohio University

    You would have to satisfy OU's general ed requirements, and they are on the quarter-hour system instead of semester hours, but OU is a Tier I school. Courses are not cheap, but they offer some as course credit by examination, Ohio University Course Credit by Examination, which is less expensive and self paced.

    Good luck in your search!
  10. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Ooops - that should have read "You can take all, or pretty near all, the courses required for a big three school degree at any RA college or university........"
  11. jeff532003

    jeff532003 New Member

    You might want to check out Charter Oak College to start off with. They do a lot of examination credit which it seems would be useful to you with your experience. They also will except you with the credit you have from your community college days (you need 9 to get in). Its a fully regional accredited school as well so the credits will most likely transfer.
  12. handley7548

    handley7548 New Member

    Hi, I currently have a BA Hons in Sport and Leisure Management and i am looking into a teaching career...i dont have gcse science, although this can be a stumbling block, teacher status surely can still be attained. Has anyone got any information on which path i need to take as my degree isnt subject related. Can anyone help!!!!
  13. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Do you live in the UK?

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