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  1. Tracy

    Tracy New Member

    Do I need to be concerned with getting a high score on the CLEP to transfer it into Thomas Edison State College, or will it just show up as transferred credit and not affect my GPA?


  2. Buckwheat

    Buckwheat New Member

    I can only speak of my own experience, maybe this will be of some use. The school I attend ( Limestone college) allows you to take a Clep, Dantes or college(Course) challenge exam.They will allow you to complete up to 1/4 of your degree requirements in this manner ( 30hrs.for the takes to obtain your degree),
    also their policy is that it shows as a transfer credit and will not affect your GPA, for example if you flunk one or two tests in the attempt to achevie the max. 30hrs. that also will not show on your transcript.
    Personally I have taken both,Clep/Dantes I have passed all except one( Ha Ha I figured the one I failed was a long shot but what the heck)I still have my 4.0 by the skin of my teeth but barely! Two question you will need to ask your school is "Will this be on my transcript if I fail a test?" " what is your policy on a Clep/Dantes affecting a GPA?" If you hear what you want out of them , heck go for it ,it saves time and money, also if you know alot about the subject you may even suprise yourself on the results! The tests I passed , I figured on about a "C" level on knowledge but when the results came in the mail it was about "A to A-" level , what a hoot! So if your college is as friendly as Limestone, be like Nikey.... Just do it!!!
  3. Buckwheat

    Buckwheat New Member

    Tracy ,
    Buckwheat again, The Clep/Dantes exams have, a baseline score to pass in order for it to be a credit that can transfer, it must be a " C " level work, Iam not postive but I feel most colleges have agreed to the numbers that clep says is " C " credit.
  4. Gary Rients

    Gary Rients New Member

    CLEP credits won't be assigned a grade at TESC, they will just go on your transcript as established credit. That's the way that most other schools seem to handle it as well, so it won't be strange. The only school that I've encountered that assigns grades for CLEP or other exams is Excelsior.

    I'd just worry about getting the scores that you need in order to establish credit rather than spending an inordinate amount of time studying in order to get extremely high scores. I need to take a few CLEP and DANTES exams myself, and that's my plan. [​IMG] I figure that as long as I can consistently answer at least 2/3 of the questions correctly on practice exams then I should be okay when I take the real ones. Then again, I haven't taken a real one yet, so we'll see if that theory holds true. [​IMG]
  5. JustPlainBill

    JustPlainBill New Member

    Hello Tracy,

    My CLEP and DANTES exams didn't affect my Thomas Edison GPA one whit. Don't get too complacent, though. You don't want to miss the cutoff by a point and have to wait 6 months to retake the test.

    Slight ramble: TESC's policy on this differs greatly from Excelsior (the former Regents College). Excelsior wanted to assign letter grades to some of my standardized tests.

    In the words of the esteemed philosopher Al Borland, "I don't think so, Tim."

    Best of luck with TESC!

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