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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by pueblopicasso, May 15, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    I have been reading this forum for many months and only recently decided to register and join discussions, and have one issue to ask in the other forum soon. a bit about me. I enjoy learning, I teach K12, train teachers and am a IT in education consultant.

    I did my BA on TESL in my local uni, then became an online learner in Uni Southern Queensland in MA Edu Tech. However, I received an offer to do a double major MA edu tech and TESOL in Uni Manchester so I abandoned online learning and did on campus. Upon returning home, I decided to do something with my Uni southern queensland so I downgraded my studies to a PGCE focusing on online education. I also did a Diploma in Stonebridge associated colleges, a place that does not escape from mill connotations. So i use the diploma sparingly. I am also doing severalIT related online courses such as apple certified associate and adobe certified expert. Currently I am contemplating on doing a PGCE in Rise University, but fear of it as being a degree mill. Tried searching for info on Rise here but couldn't find a single mention.

    Anuway, i am looking forward to joining discussions and would try to help out when possible.
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    I Googled up a great answer about Rise here:

    Is Rise University a good university? - Yahoo! Answers

    Check out the response from "Eri".

    In general, I would be wary of schools who name themselves to sound like famous, established universities ("Rice" in this case). It reminds me too much of those fake Rolex watches they sell on street corners in New York, that have names like "Tolex".

    Then again, I went to Berklee for a year, so what do I know. :p

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    If it was expunged I don't know that it'll turn up if the company does a background check. My old company checked employees SLED records to see if they had a record. I believe you can check your record, usually it's $25 in most states. You can also check all the states to see what shows up. If it doesn't show up on your records check it won't show up on theirs. If it does show on your record and you are asked then be honest because you can be terminated down the line for not disclosing the information. Also, most companies have a policy on how far back a conviction must be, the company I recently worked for had a 5 year span, anything prior to the last 5 years could not be considered in our hiring practice.

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