There is cheap online training entry level health care jobs PT, OT and Optical assist

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    These are low level entry jobs for people looking for a start in healthcare.
    The training is extremely short and cheap. and online/distance study
    According to the occupational Outlook Handbook The median annual wage for physical therapist aides was $23,880 in May 2012.The median annual wage for occupational therapy aides was $26,850 in May 2012.The median annual wage for opticians was $33,330 in May 2012.The median annual wage for veterinary assistants and laboratory animal caretakers was $23,130 in May 2012.
    The job outlook is expected to be good in all these areas.

    Ed to go offers very short and inexpensive courses that are billed "Become a Physical therapy aide, optical assistant, veterinary assistant, a legal nurse consultant and others that are billed as "exploring a career" such as Pharmacy technicians and other fields.Some as low as (95 dollars)

    Course Catalog - ed2go online course - Online adult & continuing education provider

    Pennfoster had programs in OT aide.PT aide, dental assistant, pharmacy technician, optician and veterinary assistance -less than 6 months and some as low as 350 dollars.

    Online Diplomas and Career Training | Penn Foster

    and Expert -rating training offers online training and certification exams in Physical therapy aides, optical assistant and veterinary assistant for 129.99

    ExpertRating - Courses, Tutorials and eBooks

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