The Roy Moore problem is now squarely on Trump

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Abner, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. FTFaculty

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    Makes me nuts also. When I teach on the Supremacy Clause and bring up the invalidity of sanctuary cities and legalized marijuana, college students look at me like I have three heads. Many of them can't fathom the simplest concepts of federalism, they'll say stuff like "But but but the state voted on that, the people have spoken!" Then they say "Well then how are they getting away with it if it's unconstitutional and illegal, huh?" I then ask them if they were speeding when they drove to classes that day, and ask if every one of them were ticketed. Ignorance of the basics of our Constitution makes my head want to explode. Trust me, though, most of them can rattle off lines from the latest Thor movie, have half the script memorized. And they can tell you in great detail about cheats in Roblox.
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    Don't get me started on Alabama. One of the last holdouts on contributory negligence, that dusty relic of Old England, and one of the last holdouts on integration. That Moore guy looks and acts like a televangelist. Just impresses me as shifty. I've been wrong before, but that guy gives me the willies.
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    Well...the citizens of Alabama have spoken and the GOP dodged a bullet. I am rather surprised.
  4. Abner

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    I am VERY surprised! It looks there is a mad rush to blame Steve Bannon.
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    I may have to stop making Alabama the butt of jokes in the classroom.
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    It's a good thing he lost. A conservative/classical liberal commentator was making the point that if he had won, they would say the GOP is full of sexual predators citing him and Trump. They would also say that their DNC senators resigned and that Bill Clinton's thing happened a long time ago. They would claim to have gained the "moral high-ground" which would not be good for the GOP.

    Although I wouldn't have voted for Jones because of his anti-life stance, it's not like Moore ran his campaign promising to end abortion. I feel as if most of the GOP doesn't even care about that issue, and it's just a way for them to gain the christian vote.

    So again, I'm kinda glad Moore lost. If the GOP wants votes, they should promote good candidates.

    Just my two cents.
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    About 63% of white women voted for Moore. About 72% of white men voted for Moore. What helped was the black turnout. If it weren't for that, Jones would have lost. It was expected that black people wouldn't vote for someone who said that new rights were created in 1965, America was better when slavery was legal, and that we should get rid of every amendment after the 10th (that would include abolishing slavery and giving women the right to vote). However, it was not expected that the black turnout would be so high. My opinion of Alabama remains the same. Moore doesn't believe that women should vote or have positions of power, so the way white women voted is intersesting.
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    Your feelings are warranted. Before these allegations, Moore wrote about how he met his wife. He was at a school function. Don't ask me why a 30-something year old man with no kids was at a school function, but he, apparently, hung out at high schools a lot for some reason. He saw his future wife when she was 15 or 16 and never forgot her because of how beautifully she danced. He ran into her years later when she was in her 20s and remembered her from when she was a teenager.
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