The Romanian Connection Strikes Again

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  1. roysavia

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    The Glob Star Club Ltd. provides prospective students with opportunites to acquire "accredited" degrees from universities throughout the United States and elsewhere.

    Does this look like another scam or what?? :rolleyes:
  2. Dennis Ruhl

    Dennis Ruhl member

    Let's recap.

    The big degree mills are Romanian.

    Uncle Janko is Romania.

  3. c.novick

    c.novick New Member

    In the Q & A section....

    Is this university from PUSIUK accredited?

    ANS- That can not be answered with a simple yes or no.

    Give me a break. :rolleyes:
  4. Mike Albrecht

    Mike Albrecht New Member

    Actually he claims Carpathian - which includes parts of Slovakia, Hungary, Ukrane, and Romania.

    [email protected] New Member

    I don't think this is the Romanian mill.

    It may be linked to Americus University and Trinity College and University.

    Consider first the sentence: "While the definition of a diploma mill is somewhat confusing, it usually refers to the printing of a degree without legal authority for the payment of a fee." Searching the Web for this sentence yields the following family of sites: (Americus University)

    Then take the sentence: "At this time, NONE of the recognized regional accrediting organizations accept as members institutions that are not dedicated to traditional education that requires residency and classroom attendance."

    This sentence (which denies the existence of the Big 3 and WGU) is also on Trinity College and University's Web page, and is reminiscent of the sentence "However, none of these accrediting agencies will accredit any school that provides degree programs based in substancial [sic] part on credit for prior experience" at Americus University's Web page
  6. Charles

    Charles New Member

    I once thought about "earning" that bronze diploma

    From: "Trinity College" <[email protected]>
    To: "Charles W. Fout" > Sent: Wednesday, June 07, 2000 2:08PM
    Subject: Re: Trinity Degree Evaluation 20006622

    Dear Chief:
    Thank you for submitting details of your credentials and qualifications as a result of visiting our website ( We are delighted for this opportunity for you to empower yourself by earning verifiable credentials from an AOAEX ( accredited
    organization that will enhance your life and career from the world's largest Internet distance learning organization. Based upon our assessment, we recommend the Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Development and Training with proof of military service (this may be sent via fax to 815/328-1378) with reference to the number in the subject heading above.

    Trinity's program is exclusive. Only approximately 15 percent of those who apply are approved because the applicants lack the credentials necessary or they apply for access to programs where their credentials are weak. You are, however, one ideally fitting for this type of recognition. Trinity C&U is committed to serving the educational needs of adults by offering a unique opportunity to earn an accredited on-line university degree without classroom attendance. This opportunity enables adults with a special expertise or with years of experience on the job or in their field to further develop their careers, professional ambitions, and even recreational and creative activities by qualifying for university degrees up to doctoral level based upon prior academic and/or work accomplishments. Trinity College & University is the legally registered trade name of Degree Consultants, Inc., a corporation filed in South Dakota, USA, specializing in delivery of on-line educational opportunities without regard to country of residence. We currently offer nearly 400 courses on line. We are proud to offer to non-residents our Accelerated Degree Program (ADP). This program gives academic credit for work experience. It is possible, therefore, to obtain a degree up to doctoral level in our ADP based upon credits you have earned in previous education and from your life's work.

    If you are a student or a person seeking immigration into the United States and your Trinity documents need to be authenticated by the United States State Department, our Legal Department will perform this function for you and return the appropriately authenticated forms to you prepared for presentation at the U.S. Embassy in your country where they will be accepted. The fee for this service is $400.00US. This process is a legal and bureaucratic one that can take up to six weeks to complete.


    1. DEGREE. Printed on the highest quality parchment paper to the highest standards in the world, your degree is better or comparable to the very best produced by any university in the world. It is 8.5 x 11 inches and received by you in a handsome leather presentation folder. View the degree:
    2. STUDENT RECORD. The University upon the student's graduation issues the official academic record, the Student Record. This important and useful document is proof of graduation. Based upon our assessment of your qualifications, all pertinent information, including courses accredited, awards, research topics, scholarships earned, and grades, are recorded.
    2. ACADEMIC LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION. A formal letter signed by a Director is issued verifying the conferring of your degree and the date of graduation.
    3. VERIFICATION TO THIRD PARTIES FOR EMPLOYMENT PURPOSES. Your degree and the date conferred shall be verified in writing via postal mail or fax upon receipt of an inquiry from a legitimate third party, providing written permission is received from you authorizing this disclosure. You should always disclose to your prospective employer that your degree was earned through Distance Learning. (In fact, many current employers pay all or a portion of distance learning fees). In order to maintain strict confidentiality rules, verifications cannot be done by telephone.

    4. ALUMNI IDENTIFICATION CARD. You will receive a wallet sized I.D. bearing the name of the university with your personal name. This handsome card is the source of pride to those who have it. View the Alumni I.D. Card: .

    In all cases, however, all regulations against discrimination on the
    basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, disability, status as military veteran, or any other characteristics protected by law in any policies, practices, or procedures are followed.

    In order to proceed, this is what we require from you:
    1). Name, as you would like it to appear on your documents.
    2). Shipping address (post office boxes are usually not acceptable).
    3). Telephone contact.
    4). Confirmation of the degree(s) you desire.
    5). Payment of fees.

    Pay by Amex, Visa or MasterCard or by Check over Telephone

    Bachelor's degrees - $595
    Master's (MBA) - $995
    Doctoral Level - $1,495

    Payment via AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, MASTERCARD or BANK WIRE TRANSFER earns a 10 percent discount, reducing the fees above to $535, $895, and $1,345, respectively. FedEx-SHIPPING- FedEx We ship exclusively using FedEx except to addresses requiring another type of delivery. Add Shipping Charges as follows:
    CANADA: $20
    You may use your AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA or MASTER CARD with total confidenceof security at our Secure Server location at:
    > > . If you wish to pay by bank wire transfer, please request routing information by Email to: [email protected] .

    If you prefer, you may call our office during business hours at (011) 605-330-8622 to provide your Credit Card information or you may also pay by check over the telephone, if your bank account is in the USA. The payment information may also be sent via fax to (011) 815-328-1378.

    A special one-time NO CHARGE premium offer with a Retail Value of $125 - A Replica of Your Degree ETCHED into Bronze on a plaque for wall display. Richness and durability are among the qualities that contribute to the lasting appeal of bronze for dedication and commemorative plaques. This award plaque is a special gesture of appreciation and further recognition of your achievements. We believe no material honors recipients better than bronze. The quality and distinction of bronze reflects the importance of your credentials. This classic material has a timeless elegance that announces to everyone who sees it that they associate with the very best. We will ask our craftsmen who have been etching bronze for generations to prepare for us on special request a replica of your degree from Trinity College & University. Naturally, this cannot be done overnight. While it may take approximately three weeks for you to receive the bronze plaque, it will be shipped directly to you as quickly as possible after it is crafted. Unfortunately, this FREE OFFER must EXPIRE soon. PLEASE REQUEST THE BRONZE PLAQUE AT TIME OF PAYMENT...
    If you have an urgent need to receive your credentials, including your degree and I.D. card, you may select the Platinum Service. But you must add $125 for special handling to the net of the applicable fee. In other words, the Bachelor is $595 less 10 percent, leaving a net of $535.. You must add $125 to this net figure plus FedEx. PLATINUM SERVICE guarantees the complete package described above is shipped via FedEx or some similar service within eight business days of receipt of payment. If you choose our regular service, we guarantee that we shall ship your package to you as described above within 18 business days of approval and payment. REGARDLESS of what service you choose, we GUARANTEE delivery or replacement if lost at NO CHARGE to you!
    We are here to help you get more out of life!

    Anjanette de la Houssaye, Ph.D.
    Admissions Center Administrator
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  7. Dr. Gina

    Dr. Gina New Member

    The faqs page at Suffield University certainly resembles Trinity:

    1. How does the degree program actually work?
    The degree program has been specifically developed by Suffield College and University to provide a legal way for people
    to gain their academic qualifications by using their previous learning experience and accomplishments. The minimum
    requirements needed to qualify for a degree are provided in the "degree requirements" section. Applicants who believe
    they qualify for a degree complete an online application for a free evaluation. Once their application is approved, an
    applicant can then decide to proceed by paying the appropriate fees. After the fees are paid, the diploma and
    documents are prepared. For approved applicants, the whole process can often be completed within 14 days.
    [ back to top ]

    2. How do you make application?
    Application must be made online using the application form. Please follow instructions and use the help buttons to
    assist you.
    [ back to top ]
    3. Is the application free?
    Your application and evaluation is free! The $75.00 Fee has been waived. There is no charge for any service unless you
    place an order for your documents.
    [ back to top ]

    4. How much is the tuition cost of the degree?
    Please refer to fees.
    [ back to top ]

    5. There are other Colleges and Universities in the world named "Suffield". Are any of these institutions
    associated with you?
    [ back to top ]

    6. If I qualify for a degree through Prior Learning Assessment, how do I justify the degree to my employer or
    Suffield College and University does not award college credit for experience and this must be made clear. Professional
    educators worldwide agree that "life experience" in and of itself is NOT worthy of college credit. What PLA is concerned
    with is learning, regardless of how it was obtained. We asses the information furnished and gathered, to determine the
    level of your skills, knowledge and competence you acquired from your work experience, your voluntary activities, your
    avocation, your military service, your homemaking experience and knowledge from independent study. In brief, we
    analyze your "experiential learning" and this term legitimately describes most of the learning that occurs in our lives.
    [ back to top ]

    7. Is this a legal degree?
    Suffield College and University is licensed and registered to issue degrees for distance learning and portfolio
    assessment. This is a legal degree. You may include it on your resume, business card, letterhead, passport, web site,
    job application, or any other official document you fill out. You worked for this degree no less than someone who sat in
    a classroom. In many cases your degree represents years and years of work, knowledge, and accomplishment. Be
    proud that you were able to earn it by an independent evaluation process.
    [ back to top ]

    8. How, or for what can I use my degree?
    Some people want the degree to assist them in getting a better job. You might have the experience and the knowledge
    to do the job, but often times the person with the degree will be picked over the person without it. Getting your
    degree will level the playing field and improve your prospects considerably.
    Of course, there are those who aren't concerned about employment prospects. They might be self employed, retired,
    or, happy being at their current employment level. But they want the personal satisfaction of knowing that their
    knowledge can be transferred to a degree. They want to hang their diploma on the wall and feel proud of their
    9. How long will it take to get my degree?
    In most cases the whole process can be completed within 14 days.
    10. What does the diploma look like?
    The high quality diploma is professionally produced, printed on a fine quality 65 lb parchment paper, and bears the color
    seal of Suffield College and University as well as the embossed seal. It is a full size 81/2 x 11 inches. You will receive
    two copies: a traditional paper diploma, and, a mounted diploma which you can proudly display. The diploma is of the
    same (or better) quality and style than you would find at most traditional universities.Please see Diploma Sample.
    11. If I get a Bachelor's Degree can I get into a graduate school?
    Our program is not for those who are still continuing their education. This program is targeted at those who have
    achieved the requirements to earn their degree and want validation of their accomplishment. If your desire is to attend
    a traditional graduate school you should first check with them to see if a Suffield College and University Under Graduate
    Degree is accepted.
    12. I think I would qualify for two degrees?
    Accomplished individuals might qualify for two or more degrees. This could be a bachelor/master or master/doctorate. If
    you wish to apply for a combination degree please note that on your application.
    13. I don't see my major listed on the degrees available?
    You may apply for any major by making note of it on the application form. If that major cannot be approved an
    alternative might be suggested.
    14. What location is stated on the degree?
    No location is stated on the degree. Not being a State College we don't have any requirement to show a location.
    15. Do I get transcripts?
    Yes, transcripts are included with your graduation package. The transcripts will show a full course of study to meet the
    requirements of your degree. A (P) for passing is used unless you want a letter grade and grade point. That decision is
    made with confirmation.
    16. What graduation date will be on my degree?
    You can have any graduation date you want as long as your application can verify that you achieved the minimum
    requirements for that degree on or before that date.
    17. Can I contact Suffield College and University directly?
    During the evaluation and document preparation stage your contact wth SC&U will be by E-Mail. After your degree has
    been issued, you are considered alumni and may contact Suffield College and University thru our alumni page.

    18. Is the degree verifiable?
    Yes! Your degree is verifiable! Your student record will be maintained on file permanently. Any third party such as an
    employer who you authorize will be sent a certified copy of your transcripts. There is a small administration fee for
    each certified copy sent.

    19. What is the graduation package?
    The graduation package is what you get for your payment, and consists of the following:

    Diploma: Printed on top quality parchment paper and a second degree mounted for display.They are comparable
    to that which is produced at most traditional universities. It is 8 1/2 x 11 inches. View Sample Diploma
    Transcripts: This is your official academic record. Your transcripts are issued upon graduation. They include all
    courses to meet your degree requirement, and have either a (P) for passing or a letter grade and GPA depending
    on your preference. View sample transcript
    Letter of Recommendation: A formal letter signed by the Dean of Suffield College and University is issued
    verifying that your diploma has been legally awarded and the date of graduation. View Sample Letter
    Alumni ID Card: You will receive a wallet sized ID bearing the university logo and seal with your personal name,
    ID number, degree, major, and year graduated. View Sample ID Card

    23. What countries can you ship to?
    We will ship to any country which we can accept payment from.

    24. How do you ship?
    In the US and Canada we will ship U.P.S. Ground or Priority mail. Shipping to other countries with be decided by Suffield
    College and University for the best air service to that country.
  8. Dr. Gina

    Dr. Gina New Member

    OOOOPPPPPPPSSSSS!! I forgot the Fees Page!:D

    uition Fees

    Suffield’s tuition fees vary according to the degree(s) you obtain. But no matter what degree you choose, your tuition
    covers the following services:

    All Alumni services: including career guidance, online learning resources, and so forth.
    Degree: Printed on the best quality parchment paper. Your degree is comparable to (or better than) that which
    is provided by most traditional universities.
    The degree is 81/2 x 11 inches. View sample diploma.
    Transcripts: This is your official academic record. Your transcripts will include all courses that make up the
    degree program. Your transcripts are printed on quality-watermarked university stationary and have the official
    university seal. View sample transcript.
    University Letter: A formal letter signed by the Dean of Suffield College & University is issued verifying that your
    degree has been legally awarded and the date of graduation. View sample letter.
    Alumni Identification Card You will receive a wallet sized I.D. bearing the University logo and seal with your
    personal name, student number, major and year of graduation. View sample ID card.
    Verification of Degree: The University will maintain your student record on file permanently. Any third party
    such as an employer who requires verification of your degree will be sent a certified copy of your transcripts.
    (We only provide copies of transcripts to those that you authorize). There is a small administrative fee for each
    certified copy sent.
    Confidential Login: All graduates are issued with a confidential login (username and password) to access their
    graduation details from the Suffield College and University web site. This is your own page that can also act as
    an instant verification for anyone you give your confidential login to.

    The one low fee for your degree includes all of the following items in your Graduation Package.

    All FEES are in (US$)

    All degrees include the Graduation Package.
    Associate Degree
    Bachelor Degree
    Master Degree
    Doctoral Degree

    Ready to pay?

    If you have already been through the application process, and just need access to
    our secure payment site, please click the link below.
    { Access Secure Site }

    Did you lose your Student ID?

    If you have lost your Student ID Number, please contact our admissions
    { Contact SCU Admissions }

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