The Rise of the Biden Republicans

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Lerner, Mar 7, 2021.

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    Nice article with lots of really good information. Thank you for linking it!

    Here was one of my favorite quotes. It is part of the explanation how Biden won big at the top of the ticket while the Democrats lost seats in the House down ticket.

    The difference is [Trump’s] new voters are voting to “save the country” and solve the “demographic problem,” and they are voting straight ticket. Everybody else is kind of in between, [voting for some Democrats and some Republicans]. But they are voting to “save the country” from being this diverse place that has tolerant values and is open to immigration. And they’re voting for every Republican and against every Democrat, top to bottom.
  3. Lerner

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    My take on the new and old voters for GOP is less focused on one aspect but more on multiple areas such as wealth redistribution, taxes, healthcare, immigration, and the fear of the loss of American tradition and identity.
    If diversity is going to build on and expand on America as we know it its one thing, if its going to replace and erase that's is another issue.
    The Republican voters fear its the the other, i.e loosing the American identity and creating what they call tribalism of diverse groups without a national identity.
    The Biden Republicans think that Biden will preserve more then the more radical left powers. They think he will hold the centrist position and keep the old "formula" of rotation of power every 4 to 8 years.
  4. Bill Huffman

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    Such fears have been the harboured since America began. The Irish immigrants were going to destroy America, The Chinese immigrants were going to destroy America. The Mexican immigrants are going to destroy America. etc. etc. It has always really just improved our cuisine choices and I would argue made us stronger.
  5. Lerner

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    None of them were a cancel society. They added but didn't destroy. I'm for adding but not destroying.
    A boy was a boy and if one went to buy clothing there was a boys section and girls section. Now radical left want to eliminate this. Boys majority gravitate to certain things, in studies when all the plastic toys such as guns were taken away, the boys made guns out of forks and played the games. They were shocked to learn that their little girls were trying to find new wardrobes for GI Joe rather than pulling the trigger.
    I see radical left want to change drastically everything. TIME magazine did that cover, when they learned that men and women are born different? In 1996 or 1997, TIME magazine actually had a cover story: “Men and women are born different,” as though it wasn’t news to them. many ask why do people on the left want to so deny human nature?
    Another example is just the environmental issues, forcing homes in the future to have solar panels and if not, you can’t sell your home; forcing battery powered cars and making the other obsolete, and demonizing those that don’t participate.
    There are many subjects, this is just a small example.
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    Taco trucks on every corner!
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    Kboing! Whip lash! What are you talking about? Is this supposed to be a response to my post or not? Does this have something to do with immigration? Is this a change of subject? Perhaps your whataboutism has advanced beyond my capability of understanding?
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    I think the Capitol insurrection was the last straw for many. A large part of the military and veteran community votes Republican and has since Nixon but many such people cannot stomach a violent assault upon the very institutions we swore to "protect and defend". It's also pretty clear in their minds who is to blame.
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    Culture changes all the time; both creating AND destroying. For example, many people used to think accepting people from Soviet Union with zero background in American culture and sketchy English skills at best would be harmful. By now it could be said that your immigration wave was, all things considered, a net benefit - despite the still-sketchy English and elevated welfare fraud rates on Brighton Beach. Ironically, lots of people on YOUR side of the ideological fence would disagree - remember disgusting attacks on Alex Vyndman's patriotism? So, proper response to your rant is "OK, boomer".

    These kinds of wedge issues serve sinister purpose BTW: do you really think that the situation where all the right-wing media is aflame with Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potatohead manufactoversies the same exact week the Congress passes Covid relief (designed to help people) with ZERO Republican votes is a coincidence? It is always nice to see the "common sense and American way" party pulling the same exact stunts as the One Russia Party.
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    We HAVE taco trucks on every corner, or did before this stupid pandemic. It's NICE!:D
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