The REAL Problem with Bush!

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    The real problem with Bush is the Democrats won't leave him alone.
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    You're damned right we won't; not for a minute; not as long as he lies, skirts the issues, and hurts Americans.

    African American Mayors Respond to RNC Convention

    Posted: September 2, 2004

    NEW YORK (DNC) - Today, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Convention Response Team highlighted the failed initiatives and programs of President George Bush. DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe was joined by 5 African American Mayors: Doug Palmer (Trenton, NJ), John Street, (Philadelphia, PA), John Marks (Tallahassee, FL), Jack Ford (Toledo, OH), and Michael Coleman (Columbus, OH). The following are excerpts from remarks given at the briefing today:

    "There will be a big hole in George Bush's speech tonight,"said Chairman McAuliffe. "The only way he can run for re-election is to run from his record."

    "New Jersey has 15 electoral votes. This is day four of the masquerade ball Republicans call their Convention,"said Mayor Palmer. "They talk about everything — except their record. With his program, 'Leave No Child Behind' — he left every child behind. It's been mission accomplished for special interests, and mission not accomplished for America's cities. When it comes to the cities, George Bush has a plan — move to the suburbs!"

    "Florida has 25 electoral votes,"said Mayor Marks. "Bush said that his tax cuts would create jobs, but in Florida these jobs pay $5,364. less than the jobs that were lost during the Bush Administration."

    "Pennsylvania has 23 electoral votes,"said Mayor Street. "A few months ago, this city set a record — 2,500 families had to sell their homes at sheriff's auctions. And new homes are less affordable. Americans cannot afford to pay a mortgage if they are unemployed."

    "In the past few weeks,"said Mayor Ford. "Libby, Inc., of Toledo, OH laid off 150 workers from good paying jobs. The Standard Register had 130 layoffs, and Masco Corp., has laid off more than 300 people. In total, we've lost 10,000 good paying jobs under this Administration."

    "Ohio has 21 electoral votes,"said Mayor Coleman. "Bush said that he won't quit working until every person in America has a job. Ohio has ranked last in job growth in the 50 states for the past four years. Maybe what Bush meant was that he won't quit working until he sends every job overseas. For the hard-working people of Columbus, OH — it's Mission NOT Accomplished!"

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    Re: Re: The REAL Problem with Bush!

    Thanks for the midnight chuckle...........:)
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    You might be moderately persuasive if you post links from a neutral source instead of the DNC.

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