The Real CPU to CCU Transfer Degree Program

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  1. Hi Folks
    A June 21/01 posting contained some very erroneous information about a degree upgrade program involving the former Columbia Pacific U and Columbia Columbia U. I have today received documents from CCU describing the program, have scanned them into PDF format, and have uploaded them to

    The PDF document contains three pages:
    (1) Curriculum Outline
    (2) Intro Letter from Dr. Les Carr (CCU President)
    (3) Today's email to me from Colin Hester, M.A., the CCU registrar.

    The recent statement on CCU and a 15 page upgrade paper was bullshit - I don't know where the writer got it but it certainly was misinformed. I consulted with Les Carr on the development of this for some months (April - June) and the size tossed around was 50-100 pages with very specific requirements - nothing was implemented as the idea was in development, and alumni members were being consulted for opinions on the matter. I and many other CPU alumni would freak out publicly if such a thing involving 15 pages was implemented.

    "CCU Transfer Degree Program"
    Following are highlights.
    (1) One year long
    (2) Tuition approx $775.00 USF
    (3) Requires minimun 50 page "addendum" to original thesis citing new developments in the research area, new literature, implications, etc. (+other guidelines)
    (4) Requires a research proposal for a related future research project, including proposed methodology, possible results and conclusions, etc.
    (5) Requires a summary of all learning activities since graduation from CPU
    (6) Available only to graduates post June/97, when CPU lost approval via CA Administrative Court (now on its way to USA Fe Court).
    (7) A different program will be developed for graduates pre-June 1997.
    (8) Will only be made available upon graduate request

    Earon Kavanagh

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