The Pharisees on another phront

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  1. dcv

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    The story
    lol... too funny. OMG they're homosexualizing America!!! :eek:
  2. Ted Heiks

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    By cracky, why don't we set up a special sub-forum for self-righteous fulminations against filth?
  3. SteveFoerster

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  4. Ted Heiks

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    Yup. Them godless foreigners are trying to destroy America just as surely as those godless mill shills are trying to destroy degreeinfo. :D Which, of couse, is why we need to keep fighting for truth and right and justice. ;)
  5. AuditGuy

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    "homosexualizing" - Interesting word use

    It's right up there with:

    Truthiness - Jon Stewart
    Strategery - SNL spoof, that asked for a one word summation of a political philosophy.
  6. raristud

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  7. Lerner

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    Who will succeed first.
    the leftist Communists, twisting the truth well the Hollywood way all lies.

    The truth is they have no chance whats so ever.

    The truth is our catholic nabors from Mexico reclaiming CA and other States so the Hollywood is very soon is going to be in Mexico.

    Check the news now the Mexican army is crossing the border with the tanks.

    Surging Mexican Invasion Of America Continues - Feds Do Nothing

    After the FLASHPOINT INCIDENT, we will quickly become aware of a massive guerilla army, which is already present within the borders of the United States. This army is the Aztlan Liberation Army -- a communist army financed by China with help from Russian, trained by Cuba and given pep talks and PR by the former Sandenistas of Nicaragua.

    Now that the NY Times is covering the border war story -- does this mean we the people" are being set up for WAR? Race war or border war?

  8. dcv

    dcv New Member

    I didn't know Jim was Catholic, and from Mexico. Gaw-aw-ly!
  9. bo79

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    I just seen Brokeback Mountain this week, and I am not surprised at all why this film was nominated for so many Oscars. It is a very well made film, with a great story.

    Many people have described this film as a "gay cowboy movie". However I think that description dose no justice to this film whatsoever. This is not a "gay cowboy movie" it's an amazing love story that really shows the power, strength and endurance of true love.
  10. spmoran

    spmoran Member

    As an avid South Park fan, I like to think of it as a "Gay cowboys and pudding" movie. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Just ask Willie Nelson.
  11. Jigamafloo

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  12. Sam-I-Am

    Sam-I-Am New Member

    I don't care to watch the movie, because frankly, I'm not at all interested in seeing men kiss or do the horizontal thing; I'm also rather dubious of a "love story" that involves deceit and adultery. Didn't think much of the hetero "Terms of Endearment" or "Same Time, Next Year" either for the same reason.

    Personal preference. Sue me.

    But the whole premise of the article cited is silly, so at least I'll agree with you there. Since when did popularity equate with artistic merit? So are we to believe that that overblown piece of dung "Pearl Harbor" was a superior movie to "Citizen Kane" because it did better box office?

    A movie's a good movie whether 100 people see it or 100 million--the Oscars shouldn't be a popularity contest.

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