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    Much has been said about Senator John Kerry's book, The New Soldier, that he wrote upon returning from active duty in Viet Nam.

    The book is selling for up to $1,000. The cheapest I have seen is $400.

    The book can be read free here.

    I want to make it clear I do not accept everything the Swiftboat Veterans say. There is no way Lt. William Calley committed the only war crimes in Southeast Asia.

    I am sure much of what Kerry said about war atrocities is true but think he exaggerated them to further his anti-war stance.

    I have never condemned Kerry for protesting the war; I was against it too. I have condemned his wanting to be seen now as a war hero of a war he called immoral, ignoble, corrupt, and criminal.

    I have condemned his wanting to be seen now as a hero after admitting he, himself, committed war atrocities.

    Anyway, the book makes interesting reading.

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