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    I found an interesting PhD program that allows you to take 30 credits and use your masters degree to satisfy the other 30 credit requirement. I am not sure if it will continue to be offered online (was operating online due to covid) I believe its a brick and mortar school.
    The Doctor of Philosophy degree in Public and Urban Policy is conferred for completion of 60 graduate credits, passing of the qualifying examination, and approval of a written dissertation that advances knowledge in the field. The 60 credits normally consist of up to 30 credits earned in the student's master's degree program and at least 30 credits taken in residence in the PhD program.

    Students must take six core courses, one foundation course in a social science discipline, two research methods courses, and the Dissertation Seminar. A full-time graduate student takes at least nine credits (three courses) each semester. You can study part-time but must take a minimum of six credits (two courses) per semester to remain in good standing.

    Comprehensive Examination

    The comprehensive exam is taken after successful completion of coursework. It consists of a qualifying paper and a weekend take-home qualifying exam. The qualifying paper is a critical survey of the literature on a specific public policy issue, which must be approved by the student's advisor. The qualifying exam consists of questions that are tailored to each student and are designed to show the student's understanding of the essential theoretical, institutional and empirical content covered in the program's core courses. Students who pass the comprehensive exam earn the Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) degree and are eligible to proceed to the dissertation stage.

    Students must complete 60 credits before they are eligible to take the qualifying examination.

    A dissertation proposal is developed in consultation with the student's faculty advisor and dissertation committee. A Public and Urban Policy doctoral dissertation can take the form of either a single book-length manuscript or a set of three papers (normally 40-70 pages each, inclusive of figures, tables, endnotes, and references). In either format, the dissertation must present original material that advances knowledge about important public policy problems.

    Transfer Credits

    • Of the 60 credits required for the PhD, a maximum of 30 can be transferred from other graduate schools, provided the courses are deemed relevant to the Milano Public and Urban Policy program. At least 30 credits (10 courses) must be taken in residence. Students who wish to transfer credits earned at a graduate school outside of the United States must provide a course-by-course evaluation of their international transcripts prepared by a NACES-approved evaluation service. The evaluation must be received before courses can be reviewed for transfer of credits.
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    Nice find! Even though only 30 credits require for the program, but still paying a price tag of $52,000.00 plus fees. Although The New School receives high ranking comparing to most of the Universities an Colleges in the United States, but not many know the school existing.
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    Most interesting thing here is that I believe they are the only US school to offer a MPhil degree to ABD students. It's a school with a good reputation even though few people outside of New York know what it is.
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    Never heard of it, but skimming across the site... they're doing some really impressive work. Even at 30 credit hours, it's ALOT of money to finish a PhD there, but a phenomenal opportunity.
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    I say time is money. The courses don’t seem bad honestly and writing three 40 page papers or a few chapters is not bad. The price is 52,000 but you get a PhD plus a masters in philosophy
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    They give the M.Phil., too?
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    Correct states that you get it after you pass the comprehensive exam. In order to move on to dissertation you have to take the comprehensive exam which is a take home weekend paper

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