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Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by BLD, Aug 27, 2004.

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  2. John McCain is an honorable man who spent time in North Vietnamese prisons, suffering indescribable tortures, and you DARE to question his patriotism?

    Where was George W. Bush while John McCain was being deprived of food and water, beaten, and left in isolation for weeks and months on end?

    He sure as hell wasn't serving his country - he was serving his own self-interests and learning to be an abject failure at everything he touches.
  3. BLD

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    This is pure leftist dribble. If you read the article you'd see that the point is that NO ONE was questioning his patriotism.

    Do you actually read this stuff before you comment on it?

  4. Mr. Engineer

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    Don't let the Neo-cons get you down Carl. It is easy for Bush and friends to pretend to carry a big stick because they are never the ones who have to carry out the dirty deeds.

    Talk about thin skinned. Bush is very thin skinned - but the thinnest skin of all is Dole. He is an outright asshole according to most accounts.

    McCain is thin skinned. but I would vote for him in a heartbeat. He is not so much of a true beleiver to let his religious beliefs dictate his actions and is smart enough to know that strict partisanship almost never works to your advantage.

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    Don`t forget Max Cleland...he too is a hero.
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    I am a vet and I don't doubt that Mccain is a patriot but...I talk to fellow vets and not many of us seem to trust him. I don't understand what makes him think that the Swift Boat group shouldn't be heard. I think that (just like him) they have earned the right to be heard. I'm sure that if they were making all of this "noise" supporting Kerry, Mccain wouldn't be complaining at all. I agree, he needs to hurry up and change parties.
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    And the national review is pure right-wing drivel (drivel is the word you want).

    The whole right-wing/Swift Boat nonsense is really interesting. The right-wingers are excoriating Kerry for making Viet Nam a centerpiece of his campaign, as if he is inviting the scrutiny, when in fact the right-wingers have been after Kerry since 1971. The head troll for the SBVFT was paid to go after Kerry by Nixon, for God’s sake. That gives you an idea of the ethics level of this group. Their lead slime bag was paid by the most disgraceful President this country has ever seen (and a plain old weirdo at that.) The right wingers are the ones who have made an issue of this. They want it both ways: they attack Kerry and then ridicule him for defending himself.

    While the Repubs try to ridicule Kerry for his "superficial" wounds, we have Bush who was nowhere to be found for the last part of his "service." Funny, that no one can find those records, and in fact it has proven hard to find anyone who even remembers him during his Guard "tour of duty."

    While Kerry was getting his 3 Purple Hearts, I hear Bush sustained a chipped tooth while lifting a beer mug to his mouth.

    The right wing is mortally afraid of Bush’s deplorable military record, and they will stop at nothing to move the spotlight anywhere else. It also shifts the spotlight from the economy (no you can’t have a recovery without jobs – sorry folks), the ballooning national debt, and the debacle in Iraq. It says a lot that the Repubs can’t mount a campaign on issues, because those issues are so painful. If they can dredge up 35-year-old non-issues, they don’t have to defend Bush’s record. I guess you can’t blame them for trying. I wouldn’t want to defend his record either. You can only get so much mileage out of the “grab the bullhorn” photo op at Ground Zero.

    Did Bush go to Viet Nam? No, and he let his father and his rich-boy connections set him up for a period of complete non-accountability. Worse yet, just as with his Viet Nam "service", Bush now lets someone else do his dirty work. He's a complete weasel.
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    I've yet to read a response to the article I posted. What relevance do any of these posts have to do with the article? Did any of you actually read it?

  9. dcv

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    The same National Review for which Victor Hanson writes?

    To call his writings drivel is simply ludicrous.
  10. Casey

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    Have your gems dropped?

    Hey Carl, I think the better question is: Where were you? Did you ever serve this country in any capacity? George W. Bush was trained as fighter pilot in the National Guard. He served his country! Did you? I could be wrong, but something tells me that you didn't and never will. Pacifists like you simply don't have the guts.

    Hey, I've got an idea, Carl, go kill a baby with a vacuum, and when you're done, protest the execution of a violent rapist and murder; all while chanting "no war for oil". Grow a pouch!
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    Re: What??

    If you are going to quote me Mr. Busho4, at least don't edit it to inflame others.

    Grow up.

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