The Least Expensive M.Phil. (or equivalent) By Published Work

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  1. Economist

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    Does anyone know what school offers the least expensive (or relative inexpensive) M.Phil or equivalent in Politics/International Studies/Cultural Studies/Defense or National Scurity Studies?
  2. RFValve

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    I was interested in a PhD by public works also and approached few, the most responsive was Middlesex University. They have a MPhil in public works also, as a matter of fact the M.Phil is more of a consolation price for people that cannot get the PhD.

    The M.Phil degree is actually quite demanding and not so far from the PhD.
    The average cost of a M.Phil or PhD by public works in about five thousand pounds. The price of the M.Phil or PhD is about the same because you still need to register for at least one term.

    Both MPhil and PhD require a viva defense so consider the cost of the trip.
  3. Economist

    Economist New Member

    Thanks for the detailed information.

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