The Coast Guard & Elizabeth City State U

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    Good to see the story. We have had agreements with that particular institution and many like it for years. We do have a need for pilots, in certain airframes, and hopefully they can fill a void. That institution, as an HBCU, gives access to a program we have called CSPI that gives attendees preference and has a high acceptance rate for commissioning, though we don't get many pilots through the program due to other factors. Funny enough, the guy quoted in the article is a friend that attended the HBCU and became a CG pilot, but isn't a minority.
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    What factors would those be? Is it self-selecting - do students want to become officers but not pilots? Or, is there an issue with students not being able to pass the pilot training selection process?
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    There are many factors. There may be 20 CSPI people in each commissioning class but the program only allows 1 or 2 of those to attend flight school due to annual quotas for flight training. The biggest issue is as you mention there are many reasons people don't want to be pilots; many in the program did it for the 2 years of paid tuition and will only do the required 3 years of service as their "payback" and then separate from the Service. If they attend flight school it requires another 8 years of commitment (11 years total). This isn't unique to the CSPI program, many folks that commission through the CGA only do their required five years and bail, commonly known as the "five and dive."
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    Eleven years. That's it right there, LOL. Unless they go in wanting to be career military, they're not giving up 11 years. At that point, you may as well go for the full 20 year stretch and retire. Good googly-moogly!
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