...the best way to get an Electronics Degree via DL?

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    Greetings all,
    I am a veteran Electronics Tech. from the US Navy and I have 15 years in Electronics repair and calibration. I have come to the point in my life that I want an Associates degree in Electronics with the opportunity to apply that degree toward a higher degree. I have looked at Excelsior, Thomas Edison and Charter Oaks. I am not opposed to any of their programs. I do favor Excelsior for their accreditation (ABET). Does anyone have any good advice? I am in Minneapolis so local schools for general studies is not a problem. I need to get this going and receive a degree ASAP. Thanks for your help.

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    I favor Excelsior. Sure, the name sounds like a diploma mill but it is regionally accredited, has ABET accreditation, and I have known a number of happy degreed ex-Navy nukes to get their degrees from there(back when it was USNY). They don't have any hair now but they were happy with their degrees.
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    1)I am also close to Mpls. You may want to consider St.Paul Technical College - they have an electronics program.651-221-1300.
    2)The U of Phoenix offers a special A.A. program for veterans & active duty people. It is cheap. Take a look. www.phoenix.edu/students/index.html
    3)Ohio U. offers credit by exam for electronics - good for tech or engineer. www.ohiou.edu/independent/ccewords.html
    4)George Brown college offers electronics by distance. www.etcourse.com/et/site/about.html
    All the best,

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