The American College of Positive Psychology

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    For whom?

    ACPP claims to be accredited and that their programs are "board certified":

    Unfortunately, whatever 'board' they are talking about isn't the California Board of Psychology. The American College of Positive Psychology is not included among the unaccredited psych-schools whose graduates qualify to take the state psychology exams. Setting up a psychology practice in California without a license is a criminal offense.

    This is cute too:

    The thing's contact page says this is its physical address:

    Regus University System
    11601 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90025
    601 Pennsylvania Avenue NW suite 900, Washington DC 20004

    We've encountered the name 'Regus' before. It's a "virtual office" firm that answers phones and forwards mail. A number of degree-mills use their services. 11601 Wilshire appears to be their main office in LA.

    Google produces 22 hits for 'American College of Positive Psychology'.

    It looks like it might have been calling itself 'Claremont School of Positive Psychology' until recently. I wonder why they stopped doing that.

    Now they say:

    Regis University in Denver might be interested in hearing that.

    Here's more:

    An alternative American College of Positive Psychology site

    American College of Juris Diplomates. (Check out the rant about the evils of conventional American higher education. It's just fat-cats tying to get rich off federal student aid-dollars. Regional accreditation is restraint of trade. Perhaps this guy needs to try being a little more... positive.)

    American College of Business Leadership

    American College of Diplomacy

    American College of Theology

    Whois shows that is registered through something called 'Therapysites' in Boulder CO. seems to be registered through an anonymous website registrar in Pennsylvania.
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    Is there a website listing which CA UA PsyDs qualify one to take the state licensure exams?

    They might be on to something here. :D
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    According to the California Board of Psychology, there were historically 12 unaccredited schools that conferred "approved" PsyD or PhD degrees in psychology. They are listed here. No new schools have been added to the list since 2000, when the law changed to require accredited degrees. However, the 12 unaccredited schools were "grandfathered" in.

    The status of these schools depended, in part, on BPPVE approval. The Psychology Board has been trying to come up with new regulations since the demise of BPPVE.
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    Does the ACPP fall under the former BPPVE umbrella?
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    The ACPP apparently uses a Washington DC, so maybe no. On the other hand, it claims to be part of the "Regus University System", which claims to operate out of an office in Los Angeles, so maybe yes.

    ACPP does not seem to be listed as a licensed institution with the DC Education Licensure Commission. This suggests that they are a California institution for degree-granting purposes.
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    Les Snell Rides Again???

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