TExES Composite Science exam (136)

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    I'm probably fishing in the wrong hole here, but thought I'd try it anyways. I have to start preparing for my 2ndary teaching certification exam in composite science. Does anyone on here happen to know of any really good comprehensive study materials? Needs to cover physics, astronomy, geology, chemistry, and biology. I'm pretty solid on biology, and have decent fundamentals in the other. But I sure could use some really good refreshers on all of them.

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    From another forum....

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    I'm actually a member of that forum. Small world, huh? I haven't found anyone particularly helpful there regarding test prep. Most people there believe you should teach what you went to school for. Nothing wrong with that, they just generally don't seem to be the cram-like-a-madman-and-take-a-test-for-credit/certification breed.

    I've found a few guides here and there, but nothing really comprehensive. It's amazing to me that with an exam that is so intense, and so career-critical, that noone has done a really thorough and efficient study guide. Oh well, guess I'll just use TEA's and plow through it. I have about 8 months before I have to take it.

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    What are the difference between TExES and PRAXIS?

    I just took Praxis exams to teach in NJ and I know they are used in a lot of other states. I was just wondering if there is a comparison somewhere, maybe you could use the Praxis study guide?
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    super old thread and I apologize in advance. Why is there a #136 and a test #236? I am planning to finish my degree in the next 18 to 24 months so I know I am a little ahead of myself but that is who I am. Thank you in advance for any help with this question.
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