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    Just wondering what the reputation of University of Dallas is in Texas? I live in San Antonio now, but I'm not originally from here, so I'm a little clueless on the reputation of local schools. I plan to stay in S.A. or any of the big cities in Texas, if possible.

    I'm planning on doing their graduate certificate in accounting. My plan is to complete the certificate with really good grades to make a case for admission to either ASU or Indiana for an MBA (my undergrad grades are also good, but from a no-name, online, non-AACSB school), but I know I'm going to be tempted to stay at U of Dallas to complete their dual MBA/MS after the cert. I could probably get the dual degree at the same cost as the MBA from either of the other schools. The other two are excellent programs though.

    Any thoughts?
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    While I was living in Dallas, TX, the University of Dallas, located in Irving, TX, was spoken of with high regard. The school is well-known in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The University of Texas is not part of the University of Texas system.

    If I am not mistaken, their is a current member of this forum who is attending UoD earning an MBA in Information Assurance.
  3. Bruce

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    Of course....why would anyone think different? :rolleyes:
  4. sentinel

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    Ummm... because it has been a source of confusion for some people in the real world though not for the netizens who loiter on DegreeInfo. :cool:
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    I've taken two courses towards an Information Assurance grad certificate through University of Dallas. A former co-worker's daughter was a resident undergrad and student-athlete there, and that's how I found out about the school and available DL programs. By the way, the daughter ended up transferring to my alma mater to complete her BA.

    Although UD is not as recognized as the major D-I schools in the state -- UT Austin, TAMU, Baylor, TTU, Rice, Houston, TCU, SMU -- the school is certainly well-respected by those who know about it. It's important to remember that the universities I just mentioned were members of the old Southwest Conference. Therefore, all nine institutions enjoy an established brand name earned over many generations.

    Some time ago, UD's finances became a public issue. I believe the university came close to going under at one time. But from what I gather, financial stability no longer poses a concern. Over the past couple years, the endowment may have even grown a little.

    You may discover that UD also has more of a recognized reputation in the DFW Metroplex than around, say, Austin or San Antonio or Houston. As you are obviously aware, Texas is rather large, geographically speaking. Approximately 96 regionally accredited, 4-year and higher colleges and universities are based in the Lone Star state, and this figure can probably be argued higher or lower.

    If you have the opportunity, you might consider attending GSM orientation on campus in Irving. It's held on Saturday prior to the start of each trimester in the basketball gym next to the pool. Dr. Whittington, UD GSM Dean, is quite the charismatic speaker. When you turn into the main campus entrance, you can see Texas Stadium sitting a ways down the street, depending on which direction you come from.

    UD also holds the distinction of having something like 70% more grad students than undergrads. Many grad students, including locals, take courses via DL. In both courses, I've had classmates from California, Washington state, Virginia, and even outside the country.
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    The University of Dallas, of course not part of the University Texas system. It is a private institute. I used to live in Dallas, and visited its campus. It is really nice, and well known the the metroplex in comparing with Abilen Christan University or San Angelo State University, or even Dallas Baptist University as well as Amberton University. I would put University of Dallas as follow.

    1. University of Texas
    2. Texas A&M UNiversity
    3. University of Houston
    4. University of Dallas
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  9. Glor1295

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    I was interested in UTSA's online MBA, but the only problem is that it actually says "Online MBA" on the diploma. It isn't that I'm trying to hide the distance learning thing - it's just that I don't want it stamped on my diploma in huge calligraphic letters, like some kind of disclaimer by the school. It is a shame really, because I rather like the school and my wife also works there and attends classes. The only campuses that reward a regular MBA diploma through the telecampus are UT-Tyler, UT-Brownsville, and UT-Permian Basin. If I'm going to switch to another school after the certificate, I'd rather go with a main campus, preferably as prestigious as I can gain acceptance.

    So it appears that U of Dallas has a pretty good reputation locally. I guess the question is will I be better off with the dual degree (MBA/MS-accounting) from U of Dallas or an MBA from other schools? The other schools that I'm considering are basically broken into two groups:

    1. Indiana University, Arizona State, maybe Penn State
    2. U of Nebraska, Auburn, UMASS, possibly Colorado State

    Group 1 would be great, but I'm not sure if I can get in. Group 2 would probably be a sure thing. Of all of these, even highly ranked Indiana and ASU, I'm not sure how their reputation is away from their own state.

    I know I'm probably over analyzing this decision, but it is a lot of money and it will possibly have a great effect on my future career prospects. I greatly appreciate the responses/insight.

  10. skidadl

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    If you wanta get a real bargain and have decent name recognition I would look at the West Texas A&M MBA program. They have a distance program that I liked at one point.

    Also, Wayland Baptist has an MBA that is priced right. They charge $660 per course there.

    Texas A&M Commerce has one too.
  11. friendorfoe

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    U of D is well known in the area. I would say they are no more or less prestigious than DBU, UT of Arlington or even Amberton for that matter.
  12. eric.brown

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    U of Dallas is well regarded in the area...private and somewhat expensive. They have some good programs.

    Take a look at University of Texas at Dallas (UTD)....the Global Online MBA has been ranked very highly as of late and if it matters, all are AACSB accredited.

    I got my MBA there (a mix of on-campus and online) and highly recommend them.

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