TESU ASNSM Biology - Where to take Biology 2 and Lab Online?

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    Hello. As the title states, where can I take a Biology II course along with the Lab online? Most of the providers I see are only for Biology I and the corresponding lab for that course. I am looking for a higher level Biology II course and Lab instead.

    I am going for the ASNSM Biology at TESU and require that course/lab. See below.
    Anyone know if having the following will allow me to skip the lab or get an exception?

    Two questions: First, there's a requirement for science credits and AOS credits
    1. Understanding the Physical and Natural World 8 credits required
    Can I use my SL Chemistry, SL Environmental Science and the SL BIO 101 or SL C++ here for 9 credits?

    2. Area of Study: Biology 16 credits required
    If I complete the two Study.com course, I should have 18 credits
    Do I need to take the lab courses too, or can I ask for an alternative/exception?

    1) Introduction to Nutrition: TESU BIO-208
    2) Anatomy and Physiology I: TESU BIO-210
    3) Anatomy and Physiology II: TESU BIO-213
    4) Microbiology: TESU BIO-351
    5) Study.com Biology 102: Basic Genetics (TESU BIO 241-Human Genetics)
    6) Study.com Biology 106: Pathophysiology (TESU BIO 316-Pathophysiology)
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    I strongly suggest taking your bio 1 and bio 2 from the same provider. When schools do this, it is to cover a specific scope and sequence. If you hop between schools, you're going to use 2 different textbooks, take entirely different labs, and who knows what kind of content. In other words, you're going to have gaps in your learning. I would opt to NOT use SL Bio in your case, and instead find a Bio 1 & 2 sequence to take together.

    As for labs, labs are expensive. I paid a LOT for my lab sciences as a distance learner. I did two sequences, the full pre-nursing sequence (Micro w/ lab, A&P 1 w/lab, A&P II w/lab, Intro bio w/lab, Intro Chem w/Lab, Med Terms) and then started but did not finish the pre-med sequence (Gen Bio 1 & 2 w/labs, Gen Chem 1 & 2 w/labs, Orgo 1 Bio Chem 2 both with labs, and Physics 1 & 2 with labs). At the time, I could not find an online orgo 2 or physics 2, but that's been enough years that you probably can by now.

    I took all my sciences as a distance learner (set up my labs at home, not virtual labs) at Ocean County College, Harvard University College of Continuing Education, and University of New England. (Edit to add: I took Intro to Bio at TESU - it arrived on VHS, I hope they've changed since then lol.) To add, there are a ton of other providers - my suggestion for doing labs is to use a class with a teacher. Straighterline and Study are examples without a teacher, TESU will have a course mentor - but having an actual person you can ask for help will be really important. I don't know how SL grades their lab reports, but my sons have taken 3 English Comp classes at SL, and in those courses, it's done by an anonymous grader. You don't want your lab reports done by an anonymous grader- you want feedback and instruction. You need someone to look carefully at your dissection photos and see that you're labeling the nerves, or that your chemistry reaction was as planned, or really really that you're following proper microbiology technique for putting microorganisms into your agar.

    Also, just my opinion, but this degree is EXPENSIVE but worthless unless it's turned into a bachelor's degree at some point. And, if at some point you do go for a bachelor's, it will be assumed that you have done a LOT of lab work in the basic science core. To short change yourself that knowledge is a little like going to cooking school without learning to cook.

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    Why would you ask this question here when you're a member of the other forum and know that this forum hardly has anyone up to date on TESU? Plus, I think I'm the only person who has completed this degree fairly recently. It's not a popular program.

    Anyway, I completed Bio 2 with lab at NMJC for $356, and I only paid a few bucks for some flowers. All the other lab materials could be found for free.

    Bio 2 is the only lab that's required, but I thought I already told you this. I also told you that waivers are not usually given for the bio 2 lab.

    This is not an expensive degree at all. I think the OP is doing this for personal enrichment, so there is no need to spend thousands on traditional courses.
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