TESU and Excelsior: how many credits from Straighterline do they accept?

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    Hello everyone!

    After I have stopped taking courses for my Associates in Arts for a while because of circumstances, I want to pick up where I left off and still obtain my degree, either at TESU or at Excelsior. I live in the Netherlands, so everything goes via distance learning.
    Here is where my question comes in: I already have 32 credits of the 60 necessary for this degree, a lot of them I obtained via Straighterline. Do TESU and/or Excelsior accept unlimited Straighterline credits or is there a maximum to them? Do they want to see more CLEP or Excelsior credits or doesn't it really matter from which source my credits come, as long as they are official credits from official organizations?

    Another question: are there a lot of things changed since TESU changed to being a university?

    Please notify me if one of my questions is a bit unclear, and I will try to explain it different.

    Thanks for your help!

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