Test out degree count towards CPA?

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    I have a Bachelors of Applied Science from a brick and mortar University. A MBA from WGU and an Accounting Degree (Bachelors) from Thomas Edison State College. The NJ CPA requires 150 hours with 24 hours in Accounting. Does anyone know if my TESC upper level courses would count towards this since they were test out?
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    Adam311, which is the program you completed at TESU? Since you're in NJ, you should have taken the CPA track.
    Technically, if you chose the NON CPA track, but chose the exact same courses required for the CPA, it should work.

    Accounting - https://www.tesu.edu/business/bsba/accounting

    Area of Study: Accounting 18
    • Recommended Subjects 12
      • Federal Income Taxation I
      • Federal Income Taxation II OR Tax Accounting II
      • Advanced Financial Accounting
      • Advanced Managerial Accounting
      • Accounting Information Systems
      • Analysis of Financial Statements
      • Auditing
      • Cost Accounting
      • Fund, Government OR Public Accounting

    Accounting CPA - https://www.tesu.edu/business/bsba/accountingcpa

    III. Area of Study: Accounting/CPA 24
    Required Subjects: (18)

    Advanced Level Accounting Electives (6)

    • Advanced Audit
    • Cost Accounting
    • Analysis of Financial Statements
    • Accounting Information Systems
    • Fund, Government OR Public Accounting
    • Federal Income Taxation II OR Tax Accounting
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    My degree was the non-CPA degree. I have a total of 22 credits in upper level accounting. 18 hours were from TESU through the Portfolio program. Do you think NJ would accept Portfolio learning credit towards the accounting credit that's needed? I was also looking at Alaska's CPA requirements and they only require 15 accounting credits to sit for the exam. And 150 credits to obtain their license. See below.

    Alaska CPA Requirements
    1. Education Requirements to Sit for the Exam (Sec. 08.04.12)
    • Bachelor degree or above
    • Fulfill any one of the condition below:
      • Degree in Accounting: at least 15 credit hours of accounting courses;
      • Degree with concentration in Accounting: 24 credit hours of accounting, 3 hours of business law, 3 hours of economics and 3 hours of math/statistics/computer science;
      • Degree-in-progress in Accounting: 15 credit hours in accounting and 18 or less credit hours remaining before graduation; or
      • Non-Accounting Degree (with <15 credit hours of accounting courses): 1 year of public accounting experience
    Note: may sit for the exam before they graduate, specifically, within 18 credit hours of graduation

    2. Additional Alaska CPA Requirements for the License (Sec. 08.04.12)

    • 150 credit hours from an accredited university or institution
    • Candidates may be grandfathered if CPA exam was completed before Jan 1, 2008. Please contact Alaska State Board for details

    • 2 years of accounting experience “satisfactory to the Board” *
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    Any thoughts?

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