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    Anyone know what one of these looks like? What does it say about where credits were earned? For example: on my degree audit it says source 1 is TESC, source 2 is San Bernardino Valley college. Course # is ENGL101 for valley college but then it gives it a TESC # of ENC-101.
    When I get my official transcripts will it have both? Will it only have the TESC #? Will it say it came from Valley or TESC?
    Also, all of my tests (including the Excelsior) are counted as from TESC on my degree audit. The graded tests from Excelsior are actually given a grade of CR from TESC for their specific course number. So will it have simply the TESC course number or will it say Excelsior on it? If yes will it have the grade given me by Excelsior or will it have the grade given me by TESC?
    I've searched the net for a copy so I can see but can't find one :(
    TIA... P.S. if someone wants to send me a copy my email is lauradglas at hotmail dot com
  2. It bears little resemblance to the degree audit.

    Transfer courses are transcripted as such, with the institution name, course number, title, semester hours, grade, and date.

    Tests (CLEP, ECE, DANTES, etc) are transcripted as Thomas Edison courses, using the TESC code course code & title but bearing a notation with the exam "source" (CLEP, DANTES, etc.) ECEs are transcripted with a letter grade. All show a date and the semester hours awarded.

    Other TESC credits, from portfolio assessment (or whatever it's called now) or practicum or whatever, are transcripted as TESC courses.

    Enclosed with every transcript is a sheet which explains the codes, details the semester hour and grade system, and gives a brief description of the College (the stuff usually found printed directly on the reverse of higher-tech transcripts.) Clear as mud.

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