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  1. isellpower

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    I know that TESC will let you transfer in 80 hours from your community college. Does this mean that they require 80 hours of lower level clases and 40 of the upper level? I have my AAS from the local community college and I was wondering if any TESC grads or current students in the BSBA program have any suggestions as to which of the DSST or CLEPS I sould take to get a jump start before I apply there. I don't want to take anything I don't need. Can I take the 7 upper clases(tests) listed on instacert and be safe?

    I have gone through bain4weeks a few times, but it is geared toward ECE.
  2. isellpower

    isellpower New Member

    I can post copies of my transcripts if anyone thinks it will help.
  3. isellpower

    isellpower New Member

    Any suggestions?

  4. philosophicalme

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    This is a tough one. I'm not sure what TESC would accept with regards to your applied technical courses. I do know that 200-400 level courses are considered "upper-level" to them, so you may be closer than you think. If TESC really has a major that you like, I would say go ahead and pay for the transcript evaluation!

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

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    Hi, I think you should probably pound out the FEMA EMI credits and the 2 US Fire Administration credits prior to your evaluation. You can use the 28 FEMA for your free electives. Q 118 and Q 318 will give you a more flexible use if transcripted through the American Council of Education. I would also have copies of the course descriptions ready and an idea of matching courses from their PLA list to defend you existing credits if needed. Contact me if you need any other ideas. Hille
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    I haven't checked into the FEMA thing I'll check it out. I have the highest license that the NERC awards and the person I spoke to at TESC said that I may be able to get some credit for that. I had thought that I surely had all of my lower level classes filled. I'm going to take some of the upper level clep business classes this week then I'll submit my credits to TESC for review. I'll keep everyone posted.
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    While there is a cap of eighty credits from two-year institutions, some degree programs - the BA in Liberal Studies, for instance - may accept 200-level classes for the remaining forty credits provided they come from a four-year school. Generally, the Liberal Studies program considers more than six credits at 200 level in a particular subject - mathematics, anthropology, music, etc. - to be upper level. The BSBA program may not be structured this way; check with the folks at TESC.

    Good luck,
  8. isellpower

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    Thanks Mark, Hillie, and Rhonda. I'll keep you all posted. I've applied and my employer will send in the tuition as soon as they send the bill. I wonder if I can cancell if we don't agree on how many credits they are willing to transfer. They claim that they will discuss it with you and try to work it out on the older credits. All of my older credits on based on electrical theory and I'm pretty sure that hasn't changed.

    Those that have commented that TESC is rude have been correct so far. When you call them they are in a big hurry to get you off the phone and don't really give you the info you are looking for.

    Let's hope they get better.
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    Must be a Jersey thing. I was raised in and around Hudson and Essex counties. Left 26 years ago and haven't been back since. Fuggedaboudit!

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