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    I am planning to complete my under-grad degree through TESC with quite a few credits through CLEP/DSST exams. The goal is to complete everything in time for the 2012 spring/summer intake. However the typical pre-requsites (like acct, eco, etc) required for a MBA program would be TESC courses so that I a)have a grade to prove my knowledge and b)understand the concepts at a deeper level. I have an ok GMAT score (89 percentile).

    A fellow forum member at a different forum pointed me here indicating that I may find people who have been accepted in schools such as UF with a TESC degree. I am still in the early stages of the application process (transcript eval), so I still have some time to ponder on this a little more. So here's what I am being paranoid about. Spending 3 months (and a few thou) and then finding that it was all a waste and I start all over again in a B&M college.

    I could really use some feedback/advice from people who have gone down this path before. What has been the overall response from the top MBA schools (not the 100K schools like UNC/UoM but more affordable schools in the 50K area like UF, ASU, Indiana/Kelley, Thunderbird)? Do they look down on transcripts that contain a P/F grade rather than an A/B/C? Would they throw out an under-grad degree completed under 4 years? Has anybody been rejected because of this?

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