Tennessee Temple University's TTU was led astray by Lovett et al

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    Yep i saw the writing on the wall with this one...
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    Hmmm, I clicked on the link, but all I see now in place of the article is "This article was removed due to inaccurate and misleading information. We apologize for the error."
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    Unless there is some new news out there about Danny Lovett, this has kind of been around the block already...

    He really caused a lot of pain for many alumni, staff, and students in recent months, couple of years, with the accusations of having plagiarized and entire chapter in one of his books, which oddly enough, was a required read in one of his courses at Liberty (I used to have the book in my study before it met the trash can...) and I think at TTU as well. Sadly the accusations have born out as true... He did help the school to greatly increase its online presence but he lacked the leadership ability to transition the school into the future. Again, oddly enough, under his tenure they added a Ph.D. in Leadership studies...

    At any rate, they have brought in a man who appears to be the kind of transformational leader they need to move the school into a new phase. There remain many GREAT professors, students, and administration. New leadership seems to possess the leadership ability, integrity, and skill that is needed for the process reshaping the school and enhancing its vigor.
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    As a 2013 Ph.D. graduate of TTU's organizational leadership program I am here to report that TTU is on the rebound. The school has a new president Dr. Steve Echols from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. We had a great graduation this year. Enrollment in both campus and distant studies is up especially in the Ph.D. program and the school has been running in the black financially for the past three years. There has been a lot of work done on improving the campus. They have beefed up the faculty with Doc's from regionally accredited schools and I believe are well on their way toward RA.
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    This is good to see. I've been told by TTU staff that they are planning to make application to SACS in June of 2014. Looks like they are gearing up for it.

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