Tennessee Temple University to close

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  1. SteveFoerster

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  2. trustbuddy

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    Too bad. I was at one time very interested in their Ph.D Leadership program.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    If Tennessee Temple University holds regional accreditation, private investor has no problem to turn it into profit school likes Grand Canyon University and Ashford University.
  4. Jonathan Whatley

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    TTU announced that they were pursuing regional accreditation circa 2005, but they never received it. Their institutional accreditation as of this writing is from TRACS. Before 2001 they were accredited by the AABC, which later became the ABHE.
  5. SteveFoerster

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  6. Pugbelly2

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    Me too. I was just looking at the program earlier today. Very sad.
  7. brianlegg

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    Looks like TTU is going to merge with Piedmont International University. Not sure yet what programs they will carry forward from TTU with the new agreement. PIU is TRACS accredited with goals of attaining RA in the near future according to their website.

    TTU Merger - Piedmont International University
  8. brianlegg

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    Also if anyone was still interested in the PhD from TTU, PIU quotes the following:

    "Degree Additions Planned for PIU
    We believe the following TTU programs fit the mission of PIU and plan to add them to the PIU curriculum pending final approvals. Notification has been presented to the University of North Carolina System of this plan. Programs with an asterisk will be available online with selected main campus modules offered.
    BS Secondary Education, History
    BS Sign Language Interpreting*
    MA Leadership*
    PhD Leadership*
    Master of Divinity*
    Doctor of Ministry (with various emphases)*"

    TTU Student Commitment - Piedmont International University
  9. Pugbelly2

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    But at what tuition rate? If the PhD in Leadership is offered at Piedmont's tuition rate, the cost jumps from around $18,000 to $27,000. At $27k, the cost is higher than Johnson University's PhD in Leadership program, and Johnson is RA. I would no longer be interested.

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