Teesside University - BA in Business and Enterprise (£4,620, 1 year, Online!)

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    Teesside University in UK has one-year Business and Enterprise online top-up degree program:

    It requires you to have a Diploma of Higher Education to get in.

    and I have asked them if I can use a free 'Diploma of Higher Education in Tourism and Business Management in Finland' from XAMK as my entry qualification:

    They answered:

    "If you complete your diploma of higher education from an accredited university on tourism and business management and have some work experience, we would welcome you to apply for this course!"

    So once you get your XAMK diploma, you can apply for the one-year top-up degree program at Teeside University.
    The total fee is £4,620 ($6,280) for the entire degree program.

    Learn more about Teesside University:

    Teesside University ranks 800th in the world:
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