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    So, I've been searching for an on-line program that's pretty technical, but I am running into a wall at this point. I've looked at doing a cyber security masters, but none of them are very good. I want to do a CS masters, but lack the undergrad work to get in, so I am looking for something in the middle. If anyone knows of a program that has some programming in it and is fairly technical, please let me know.

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    Most of Computer Science master degree do not teach you programming. The curriculum is designed to master your Computer Science level, not programming; they expect you to have this knowledge from undergraduate studies. You can pick up programming language on the way or prior admitting to the program by self-study or taking undergraduate courses.

    Here is true story, I was taking Software Engineering for Doctorate level course at Nova Southeastern University. The Professor expected everyone to do a demo program in AspectJ, most people did not even know Java alone. But you have to use whatever available on the Internet to study AspectJ in a short period of time to complete the project.
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    had the impression CS for MS level has alot to do with machine learning rather than programming.


    Guess you could check with Harvard Extension for their masters in software engineering.

    Take alot of programming modules.

    they accept a first degree in any field.

    but iirc, you need to do 1 physical course on campus.

    Could be done over a summer term.

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