Teaching while in a doctoral program?

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    Maybe it is different in clinical (compared to research psych) because of the potential for individual professional success by hanging a shingle, but I would be REALLY wary of any doctoral program that didn't come with at least 4 years of funding. That's School A, assuming school A is a state or other large nonprofit university.
    Everyone I know who is/was in a psychology PhD program (again, nobody in clinical, so I could be way off) - this is across 3 or 4 universities - had a 10 month stipend >10k and still racked up serious (30-50k) student loan debt just living through grad school.
    Good luck with your applications! If you'll take some unsolicited advice, I definitely recommend emailing faculty members in the early fall that you'd most like to have on your committee. It really helps to narrow your choices; if you're going to apply to 5-10 schools then don't "waste" any of your applications on schools where your personal interests/statement doesn't fit. I did not understand when I applied to grad school that only a few professors in the department take on students in any given year -- and plus, if they won't reply to you, you really don't want to have to work with them for 4 to 8 (yes, eight.. lots of early career phds still publish with their major professor) years. Shudder.
    Also - shameless plug for one of my alma maters - Wright State University has a PsyD program and their other focus is in Industrial/Organizational psych. WSU: School of Professional Psychology
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