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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by Scott Henley, Feb 2, 2007.

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    I am currently a tenure-track professor at a Canadian B&M institution. Although I am very happy with my current job and pay, I have been reading about people making extra money as online faculty.

    What would be the best place to start to find an online teaching job?
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    I would look at the better known online schools - UoP, Capella, etc.
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    I'm also a Canadian resident, the issue is that most of the schools in the US look for American residence. You could look for an American address but would need an American SIN that would require an American green card or working Visa.

    Some schools are open to Canadian residents but you have to ask. The ones that are open to Canadians are:


    Some others like UoP and AIU require American residence.

    You can also look for Canadian DL schools like:

    Canadian school of management

    Athabasca is not easy to get in as they have a union that gives preference to internal candidates but I have applied to few positions and at least got responses.

    However, in Canada you can make far more money as an adjunct at another University as most of the teaching gigs at DL institutions pay 2K or less while Canadian schools pay about 6K as an adjunct. In addition, I don't know your University but many universities don't allow more than 10 hours a week of extra work at a different institution so you have to be careful about this. You can say that they would never find out but last week one of the faculty members at a University where I worked was caught moonlighting at an online school and had to submit a full report including income about this to the chair. They are very picky about this at some schools so if you do it, you better be sure that you have approval otherwise you might be jeopardizing your tenure.
  5. Scott Henley

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    Thanks for the info. I guess it can't hurt to test the waters. I'll talk to my Dean and find out what the policy is regarding "moonlighting".
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