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    Dear all,

    Hi. Hope you can all help.

    So, this is me:

    * HND in business from Sheffield University.
    * GCSE in English and Science but not Maths.
    * 11 years teaching English experience in International Schools in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    I am looking to try and get Qualified Teaching Status - QTS - so I can teach back in the UK, or perhaps, in Australia.

    I work full time as a HOD, so I need to do a part-time, distance learning course over the next couple of years. I am hoping my school will part sponsor me.

    Does anybody have any ideas if:

    a. I am eligible? I know that I am not in terms of qualifications,but is any leeway given for experience?
    b. PGCE courses leading to QTS from the UK via distance learning, part-time?
    c. Any other similar courses from Australia?
    d. Any other ideas?

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

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